Strobing- The New Contouring?

Have you been thinking that the whole contour/highlight process is too complicated plus time consuming and maybe you need something easier to start with and look gorgeous at the same time?  Why not just focus on spots where you know the light hits your face the most. One word: HIGHLIGHT! The opposite of contour. Highlight the bridge… Continue reading Strobing- The New Contouring?


The Diva Challenge Day 5: Halloween Party

Hellooo lovelies, lets make this real quick because I am LATE LATE LATE!  Took me lots of time to research for this one, wanted to recreate the character's outfit with a slightly modern (plus modest😉) touch. Wanted to accesorize alot and keep the outfit simple yet classy.  As we all know its superhero Season so… Continue reading The Diva Challenge Day 5: Halloween Party