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Color Series- Purple!

Hey guys! I think its finally time to post pictures of my purple eye makeup attempts. Can’t spam on instagram so I’ll post it all here! 

The past few days have been so eventful. Today I have nothing to do, super duper bored. College starts on Tuesday YIKES😳 don’t know what I should be feeling. 

Lets get this post started!







Product Overview

  • elf mineral infused primer
  • Kryolan tv paint stick FS45 
  • Mac eyeshadow in beautiful iris
  • MUA eyeshadow in Peony
  • Nyx wonderstick
  • Maybelline Rocket Mascara
  • Nyx soft matte lipcream in Addis Ababa
  • Makeup Revolution Nude lipstick 
  • Red Earth clear lipgloss
  • Bh blush
  • Bh cosmetics 120 color eyeshadow palette
  • The balm mary loumanizer
  • Bh forever nude sculpt and glow
  • Mac superslick liquid eyeliner in On the Hunt







Product Overview

  • elf mineral infused primer
  • Vivo baked eyeshadow and blush palette in paparazzi
  • elf black liquid eyeliner
  • The balm mary loumanizer
  • Bh cosmetics blush and highlighter (forever nude palette and san francisco palette)
  • Nyx jumbo eye pencils in rocky mountain green on my waterline and purple velvet on my eyelid. 
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Kryolan TV paint sticks in FS45 and NG1- The perfect steal?

hi guys, I know my blog has been dead lately but thats my fault, it takes effort and I’m lazy😭

I’m currently really sick so am in bed can’t move. However, can’t keep delaying these promised posts!

Today we’re taking a look at the universal faves, the Kryolan TV paint sticks. One shade (FS45) being my skin tone and the other (NG1) being my contour stick!

The Sticks!

Heres what they look like.  


These sticks are available in about 120 shades worldwide. They come in grayish silver twist able tubes. Packaging, ermm not so pretty. And the lid breaks really easily. I just happened to find a spare lid lying around so yay!


Coming to the product. These are called TV paint sticks for a reason. They’re full coverage, pore clogging, magical imperfection concealers. Well you can use them as anything you like. They’ve  been formulated to stay on and withstand hot stage lights, concealing EVERYTHING on a persons face. Kryolan basically deals with huge packaging at low pricing yet amazing quality. 

Like I mentioned earlier, these will clog pores! So steer clear acne prone skinned ladies/men, this is not for you. When I got the FS45 last year, I would use it almost everyday wherever I went. However, little did I know that the consequences would be so teriffying. After one/two uses I got huge boils on my face, cystic painful zits that planned to leave scars behind.

After reading the reviews I realized this was what made me breakout so horribly. So I stopped using it and stuck to a regular Maybelline Fit Me liquid foundation 130. Which was also too orange for me! 

Around the same time, I bought another stick to CONTOUR, the NG1, which is actually called negro 1, ummm..

This was also way too dark and since I was new to the makeup world, I had no idea about what Id do with it.

A few months later, I melted and mixed almost equal ratios of the two and created a new shade! And it was perfect to contour with.

Just recently I decided to start using FS45 as a concealer on special occasions and I love it! Not slathered all over my face, just under my eyes and on the really ugly zit marks with my mini stippling brush. I also discovered that with the right amount of blending I can also rock the NG1 as contour! Its a bit of an effort but oh well. 

So in conclusion

The Pros

  • Full coverage
  • Lasts for ages, like literally years.
  • Blends nicely with a wet makeup sponge
  • 120 shades to choose from
  • Amazing price
  • Will do great with a setting powder
  • Longlasting

The Cons

  • Clogs pores and triggers breakouts in acne prone skin
  • Average packaging
  • Makes the sides of my nose oily 

Hope this helped! Please pray for my health!

Love Zenia🐶

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Bh Cosmetics Forever Nude Sculpt and Glow palette; Worth it?

Hiii, back with a review after ages! My internet was so bad I couldn’t upload ANY pictures but thankfully that issue has been resolved so yay! 

Today we’re taking a look at this gorgeous palette by bh cosmetics, not a high end brand but albeit a very very popular one. And very expensive here in Pakistan because women sell it with lots of profit. Thankfully i had someone order it for a little above the actual price.

The Palette

I got this in the shade light/medium. This palette consists of 5 pressed powders, two being contour shades, one a blusher and two highlighters.


As you can see, the packaging is adorable. Its pink and has a magnetic lid which closes like a macbook😂

It isn’t cheap at all. Perfect 10. Sleek, sturdy, cute.



highlighters with flash
highlighters without flash in sunlight

The yellow powder is more like a setting powder for under the eyes. I love it! The highlighter is super butteryAND THE PIGMENTATION IS BOMB!



contour powders and blush with flash
contour powders with out flash in sunlight
I feel like the contour powder in the middle is not exactly suitable as a contour powder because its too light and hardly pigmented. The blush needs lots of effort to go on and actually show up on the cheeks. Once it does, its a pretty pink color. All these powders are kind of chalky because theres alot of fallout but the product is great! 

The actual contour powder on the far right. Wow! Its the best. Super pigmented so it can go on as dark or as light as you want it to! 

I have to say bh never disappoints! This is by far my favorite face palette😍
The Pros

  1. The contour powder and highlighter have great pigmentation 
  2. The setting powder works perfectly for its purpose
  3. Buttery and smooth
  4. Sleek, sturdy, pretty packaging
  5. A little will go a long way
  6. Very affordable
  7. Easily blendable

The Cons

  1. Chalky powders
  2. Lots of fallout
  3. The blush and lighter contour powder isn’t very pigmented. Maybe it’ll work for someone with a lighter skin tone than mine!

So thats it! Your lazy blogger hopes you enjoyed reading this! I have lots of pending stuff to post, its all really piling up. But oh well, I can do this!!! InshaAllah.

Love Zenia


Quick smoky eye tutorial


I’m back with something i got afew requests for. Its a bit of a challenge and I’m no professional, but we’re always learning aren’t we❤️

The classic smoky eye has been in fashion for ages now. However, it requires time and effort to do it so I’m going to show you how I did mine using TWO products; an eye pencil and  a powder highlighter.

So lets start!

Step 1: Concealer.

Apply concealer and eye primer to cover up and discoloration on your eyelid and to fix the makeup we’re about to apply 


Step 2: Black/brown/gray.

Draw a line with your regular black/brown/gray eyeliner(something easy to blend and pencil not liquid or gel) thick on the outside and thinner towards the corner. Extend the eyeliner from the outer corners as shown below. This doesn’t have to be neat, since we’re gonna be blending all of it! I used the nyx jumbo eye pencil in slate for this.

You can also apply a bit of a lighter shade of eyeliner in the corner, just as a base for the highlight, I used the nyx jumbo pencil in strawberry milk  

Step 3: Blend.

Here’s the tricky part! Use the pad of your middle finger and pantiently begin to rub it inwards in one direction, not above the crease.   

Step 4: Highlight.

Use you fingertip to pat a powder highlighter or a lighter colored shadow  in the inner corners of the eye and stop towards the middle of the eyelid and a little above the crease and on the browbone. Blend blend blend! 

Step 5: Neaten.

To clean up the untidiness on the sides of the eyelids: use a small brush to dab some concealer in a straight line as shown. Make sure you clean the extra eyeshadow with a qtip before you put the concealer on.

It should look somewhat like this:   

Step 6: Eyeliner

Put your wings on!


Step 7: Mascara

Voila! You are done!


Was this okay? Please let me know below!😁 

Love, Zenia☺️