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Color Studio Professional double ended concealer brush: fave or fail?

Hello beauties! Eid Mubarak! I’m sure you guys had a hard time saying goodbye to your animals. 😷 

Today I have a mini review on my favorite makeup brush to date- the color studio double ended concealer brush. I usually use a small stipling brush or sponge for my concealer. Now you’re thinking why I’m telling you that. Lets find out!

The Brush 

Apparently this brand is Canadian or something (although I’ve never heard of it in any part of the world but Pakistan). Nonetheless, I love everything they sell. The brushes, the nailpolishes, blushes, eyeshadows. Never ever disappoints. 

This brush is just one out of their limited collection of concealer, eyeshadow, nailart, blush and stippling brushes. I got it for around 500pkr from their dolmen mall kiosk, which is not bad at all. Everything is super reasonably priced and the quality is commendable!

A Closer Look!⚡️

As I mentioned earlier, there are two ends. One is fluffy, round and thick brush and the other is a flat, stiff brush. Now the odd thing is that I use this brush for eyeshadow, instead of concealer🌚 BECAUSE WHY NOT!? hahaha

Fluffy end

The bristles of this duo fiber side are super smooth, feathery, and densely packed. They’re soft and don’t irritate the skin. Even after numerous washes, it did not shed one hair. Works great for blending powders but is a bit too thick for eyeshadow application. Nonetheless none of my eye brushes work as great as this one when it comes to blending. 


flat end
This side is a little stiffer and has tightly flat packed,  straight and smooth bristles. Its a little pointed from the middle and shorter on the edges. The bristles haven’t shed after washing either, so yayay! I believe this is great for precision and also to apply a concealer, I still use it for my eyes and brows anyway. This isn’t supposed to be used for blending. Won’t irriate or pinch my eyes so its a win win! 


I use this double ended brush for almost everything and it has always been there. Aw cutie

The Pros

  • Super soft material
  • Amazing quality
  • Bristles don’t break
  • Fluffy end is perfect for blending 
  • The handle is matte black and sturdy
  • Text doesn’t wear off 
  • Smooth and precise application for everything 

The Cons?

Nope. None in my opinion besides the fact that the fluffy brush is too big for eyeshadow. But then again, its a concealer brush. So yea does the job😉

Hope you guys enjoyed reading! Happy eid!

Love, Zenia

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The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer – Whats all the hype about?!

Look who’s back, lazy Zenia. I have college now, GOD I’m so laazzzyyy. And sick all the time😒 

Guess what? I have classes 9-3 everyday, no breaks. My life is sad.. 

Oh well, coming to the beautiful Mary-Lou Manizer, a highlighter powder by The Balm Cosmetics. The Balm has always had cute packaging and corny names for its products. Its not a drugstore brand and yes at times may be a little heavy on za pocket but what you get in return for that money is SO WORTH IT! 

Here’s what our beauty looks like: 

Box Front
Box Back
Container Front
Container Back
This was probably one of the most popular, most raved about Highlighters on social media next to its sisters Cindy Lou & Betty Lou (before the jaclynhillxbecca champagne pop came into existence.. Or atleast we got to know it exists!). However, even today lots of people around the globe are fans of the Mary Lou. I got this from a facebook page yay! 

with flash
without flash
The pigments are beautiful. This is a soft subtle shimmery highlighter that I like to wear on special occasions. The glow is so gorgeous! I am a major highlighter fan, and love experimenting with powders. 

The surface is soft and buttery, transfers a good amount of product in just one swipe! But beware, this will suit paler skin more than warm skintone! ALSO, the powder has a high risk of breaking so be super gentle, I don’t recommend carrying it around everyone in a rough and tough bag/pouch. 

  As you can see, the shimmer particles are super fine and when it goes on your skin you’ll see the difference. No cheap glittery look. The ‘I woke up a diva’ kinda look😉 Oh and you can also use this as eyeshadow yay! 

The packaging is super cute but very delicate, it won’t save your powder from breaking in case you drop it (God forbid). 😔

The Pros

  • Pigmented
  • Subtle and glowy
  • Fine particles of shimmer
  • Pretty packaging 
  • Works perfectly for pale complexions
  • Buttery and smooth
  • Pigmentation can be built up

The Cons

  • A little too much may come onto the brush at once and might get wasted/all transferred to the face.
  • Breaks easily 
  • A little pricey

The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer on me:  

    Worth the splurge? I think so!

    Hope you guys enjoyed reading! Keep looking out for more product reviews, outfits and DIYs! 

    Love, Zenia🍪❤️