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NYX HD Photogenic Concealer- High End without the High Price?

Hiiii! I’m back again! (Finally squeezed in some time for my blog💜) Sorry I’ve been MIA, A’levels means tests, assignments, general studying and of course college itself😪

Today I’m reviewing the NYX HD Photogenic Concealer Wand sent to me by💓 

Warning: DO NOT GO ON THE WEBSITE YOU WILL BE DRAGGED INTO THIS MYSTICAL WORLD OF MAKEUP AND ALL THINGS PRETTY AND YOU WILL END UP SPLURGING. I promise. Hehe. But it’s absolutely worth it😍 And the best part is their customer service! Oh and there’s cash on delivery so WIN WIN!! ALSO you can use the code J4GPNP5 while checking out for an exclusive discount!
Moving on;




NYX HD Photogenic Concealer- Fair
NYX HD Photogenic Concealer- Fair
NYX HD Photogenic Concealer- Fair
NYX HD Photogenic Concealer- Medium
NYX HD Photogenic Concealer- Medium
NYX HD Photogenic Concealer- Medium

 This concealer comes in a small transparent plastic tube with a nice little wand attached to it’s black lid, wrapped in a secure layer of plastic (which by the way is really hard to take off, my teeth helped)

The packaging is cute, sturdy and doesn’t look or feel cheap. 


Fair- unblended
fair- blended
Medium- unblended
Medium- blended


Honestly, when I tried the shade ‘fair’ under my eyes (because thats what they sent me first), I wasn’t too impressed. It was too white! More like something I’d use as a highlight shade. When I told the J4G team it wasn’t the right shade for me, they replaced it immediately. Yay! They sent me the concealer in ‘Medium’. And boy was I stoked! It absolutely ERASED my dark circles. Gone. Finish. Khatam.And you can see above that medium blends better with my skintone. And I got tonnes of compliments… Maybe that’s why…..

The concealer may be a little tricky to blend with a sponge because it sets very quickly. It blends super nice with a stippling brush! Its quite drying (or maybe that just the weather) so I recommend moisturising the area nicely before you apply it to allow it to blend seamlessly. Oh and work fast before it dries! DID I MENTION IT DIDN’T CREASE!?!?. The area instantly brightened and ofcourse became flawless! 

The concealer feels nice on the skin and not too heavy either. The staying power is super strong!

Final Verdict

I have to say I’m impressed. I thought discovering the Maybelline Fit Me concealer put an end to my search for a good drugstore concealer but oops looks like The NYX HD Photogenic Concealer might be my new favourite😶. 9/10 would recommend! And for $5 ITS A STEAAALLLL!!! 

Here’s how the shade ‘medium’ looks on me: 

With concealer under my eyes
Without Concealer (bare skin)
L: with ; R: without
L: with ; R: without

The Pros🍪

  • Full Coverage (So long, dark circles!).
  • Brightens skin.
  • Blend-able.
  • Light and not cake-y.
  • Doesn’t crease.
  • Sturdy, sleek packaging.
  • Stays on all day.

The Cons🍪

  • Super drying.
  • Hard to blend by dabbing with a sponge.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading and will try this magical product and it works for you as well as it did for me💓 

Love, Zenia🎉💖
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Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Pushup Liner and Beyond Mascara- yay or nay?

Hello world! I know you guys thought I was dead and would never post here again but here I am! Ever since college has started I haven’t been able to focus on my blog. A levels is difficult. Its only been two months yet, don’t know if it stays the same or only gets worse😭

When my brother was vacationing in Dubai in the summers, I happened to play my part by sending him a long list of makeup and of course, big brothers are the best❤️

The most significant things from the lot were the very famous Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real duo. And here I am, reviewing them for you guys today! Yay (please read till the end I have something special for Pakistan (karachi) residents!

Lets take a look at what we’re  discussing today 


The Eyeliner 


box front

box back
I have head great great things about this! Its basically a pen with a rubber tip filled with black gel eyeliner and a twisty bottom to bring all that nice product on top. But there comes the big problem which I read in online reviews and then experienced myself: the eyeliner starts drying and clumping before it starts going on as a line on my eyelid. The packaging itself is nice and pretty and very sturdy. I love it! 

I have a very love-hate relationship with this eyeliner. 

Sometimes I feel like it hates me. The rubber tip starts sweeping back the product as it goes on my eyelid or the rubber starts poking me in the eye. Just one twist is never enough for bringing the eyeliner out of the pen. It requires numerous twists and even then won’t suffice for even one eye, let alone both (as the packaging claims).

Sometimes it goes on like a dream. Maybe it just requires lots of practice? I like the tip and I’m trying to work on the precision and hope I can get lucky with that part anytime soon. Liquid/gel eyeliner application is a big challenge itself, I think we all can agree to that😂  The staying power of the eyeliner is absolutely amazing hands down. I once wore it out all night for 14+ hours and it didn’t budge. Which can also be a bit of an issue (removing it is a pain). The pigmentation is perfect and just how i like it.

Overall I have to admit I was hesitant reviewing this because I’m still a little confused about the formulation. However, all things have their pros and cons and maybe I should stick to my basic elf liquid eyeliner till I can master this. My review is a little mixed so I won’t be separately writing the pros and cons. I would rate this eyeliner a 6/10.

After my review of both products, I’ll show you guys how they look on me! Stay tuned😉

The Mascara


box front
box back
Before I got this baby I only knew about the Roller Lash Mascara that benefit makes. But oh boy am I glad I found this!!?

The packaging is absolutely adorable! It has gun metalish casing and very nice separated bristles on the plastic wand. The bristles help coat each lash individually and avoid clumps. The result: long, natural looking lashes. 

There’s one thing I’ve noticed as time has passed; initially the mascara went on in thin layers and gave the most natural look ever. As a month or so has progressed, and the mascara has dried a little, the coats have thickened and ofcourse the effect has become extra dramatic and well I don’t mind that😉

This mascara is waterproof, has amazing staying power and holds the eyelash curl very firmly. However, removing the product is a nightmare. We’re talking about losing a few eyelashes in the process kinda nightmare 😭 but its a great product and I think that one bit can be ignored. It all depends on personal preference to be honest, how people like their mascara to be. 

I LOVE this mascara, and would rate it a 9/10. Its longlasting and makes lashes look super long and thick!

Me and They’re Real 

Here guys! Take a look at the They’re Real Push-up Liner and Mascara on me! Excuse my brows and eyeliner skills😂

Ps I’m not wearing false lashes

Hope you guys enjoyed this post! 


I’m taking orders for American drugstore brands (colorpop, nyx, elf, cover girl, etc) for cash on delivery in Karachi so you guys can comment below or pm me/text/instagram dm/facebook if you’re interested. Let me know what products you’d  like to see and buy mid november! 

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