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Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes on my face!

Hi guys!! I know you’re thinking ‘Hey why would she use wipes made for baby butts on her FACE? 

Well maybe thats just how weird I am, or is it just me? Turns out half of the world uses these wipes for things OTHER than baby poo/pee. 

So the other day I was casually strolling in Hyperstar DMC (Carrefour basically) and a big pink stack of these caught my eye. Ofcourse I had to get them. Not for my illegitimate or imaginary child, for removing makeup. Yes. 

So apparently 3 types of these are available in the UK. But here in Pakiland I’ve only seen the pink ones. I got two packs attached to eachother on promotion, one with 20 cotton soft wipes (200mm x 150mm) and the other with 80 strong cloth wipes (200mm x 150mm).  


I’ve used up all my wipes, as I continue to write this article MONTHS later and I have to say YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE.

I incorporated these wipes in my skincare routine (CLICK HERE) and they made my skin so much smoother and cleaner and zit-free! I used them to take my makeup off but be careful around the eye area because if you rub the area with these too much your skin will feel like its burning and will turn red. Be nice to your skin guys! 

The wipes have a cool feel to them which makes makeup removal all the more enjoyable and refreshing.

I will, however, say that if you have skin that is insanely sensitive you may want to do a patch test before hand just to be sure the fragrance does not irritate you. Beside that, you’re good to go!

Hope you guys will try these too! 

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Trusted+ Blacklisted Facebook Pages/ Websites to Order Makeup From in Pakistan.

Hi there! So I always have so so SOOOO many people asking me where I order my makeup from online, so I decided to make a list showing you guys pages and websites that I trust and have had a good experience with or have heard very good things about and have AUTHENTIC makeup. Its hard to find a place where you can order makeup and be sure that what you’re buying is original. So get ordering!


  1. Sister Act Online
  2. Indelath
  3. Semora
  4. Infinity
  5. Beauty Enhancers
  6. Cosmetic Candy
  7. USA Branded Cosmetics
  8. International Makeup in Pakistan
  9. House of Brands
  10. Amor
  11. Mac Addict
  12. La Viva Glam
  13. Sadaf Bano Collections


  1. Just4Girls (use discount code J4GPNP5 at checkout)


These are pages you need to steer clear of, speaking of personal experience or experiences of people I know. Beware!

  1. Brands Arena
  2. Zainab and Zahraas (selling abh knockoffs and claiming they’re original)
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    Why I stopped using Purity by Philosophy + Current Teenage Skincare Routine

    Welcome baaaack! I know Im suddenly overly active on my blog but you know I love writing when I have the time to! And you guys are always so nice to me so why not?

    Today we’re talking about my skin care routine. Yayy finally.

    So to be quite honest, its nothing special, nothing overly expensive and I will also tell you guys why I stopped using the Purity by Philosophy one step facial cleanser.

    Lets start with why I stopped using it actually. 

    When trying out this cleanser I had very very very high hopes for it. However, in the first use I noticed how it was breaking me out and my acne started worsening. Note that my skin is combination and not sensitive. It is prone to break outs but I have never had a case of chronic acne or too much at once.  

    This was triggering breakouts, smelt funny, and just didn’t feel right. So I kept trusting the online beauty gurus and still used it just to be sure that this was the product that was causing my breakouts. And it was, I can assure you. 

    When I looked at the ingredients, I was shocked! Its full of fragrances, sulphates and oils, plus alcohol ofcourse it’ll break me out like anything! 

    Anywho, I stopped using it and now my skin is SO much better!

    Lets talk about my current skin care routine! 

    Little teensy weensy disclaimer: Products that work for me may not work for you. I have combination skin. I’m oily around my nose, and on my chin. My skin is fairly acne prone, although I’ve never had a chronic case.

    First, I like to wash my face with the Harvest Tree Tea Tree Acne soap which is a nice charcoal soap available HERE. I’m looking for alternatives to this however, because it can be overdrying and soaps aren’t entirely good for your face.

    Next, I use a tissue or face towel to pat my face dry and apply my The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner all over my face using the Johnsons Baby Wipes to remove any traces of makeup and prep my skin for moisturizer. 

    TBS toner
    After that, I go in with my St. Ives Timeless Skin Moisturizer and VOILA!  

    St. Ives Moisturizer
    I do this every morning and night.

    Sometimes when my skin is super annoying I’ll use the Harvest Tree Cranberries and Oats mask

    To exfoliate once a month or once a week, i like to use my very own DIY cinnamon and honey exfoliator you can learn how to make here.

    To refresh my skin and hair, I like to use another DIY of mine which you can learn how to make in my last blogpost!

    Thats really it you guys, its super simple! And gentle on our teenage skin❤️

    Truly hope you guys enjoyed reading!

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    Love, ZENIA

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    DIY | A Spray that Changed my Hair and Skin Game Forever

    Have you heard about the Nivea Men Aftershave Balm being used as primer for the glycerin it contains? Glycerin is truly magical. Its a clear, sticky and odorless substance sent from heaven (hypothetically speaking). Its a natural humectant, so it helps your skin and hair attract moisture from the air, keeping them hydrated. And you know whats the best part? NO OILINESS! Yup, no oils involved. Nuh-uh. Moisture without the grease?

    Yes please!

    A LOT of people have been asking me what this spray is that I use and how my hair is so much more healthy looking and my foundation looks like I’m not even wearing any (so natural). And here I am, finally writing this down.

    So lets start making our very own hair and skin spray!


    – A spray bottle. I used my empty La Senza body mist spray bottle which is a 236ml bottle (the large bottle)

    Spray Bottle
    – 3 tea spoons of glycerin. You can find this at any medical or general store/ drugstore. I got it from Pak Paradise. 

    – Water!! Usually people use rosewater which is great but I like to use water. Plain good old wotah.  
    – Rosewater. This is optional. I use a few drops and I’m good to go! 

    Rosewater drops I found at the store
    – A few drops of Aloe Vera juice, this is optional for extra hydration. I did not use this.


    Put all the ingredients in your spray bottle and shake shake shake!  

    Shake dat spray
    Spray and sway your gorgeous locks and flaunt your glowy skin.

    This spray can also be used as an alternative for Mac Fix Plus since IT contains nearly the same ingredients and costs like 1/10th of the price. I like to use it before I apply my foundation as primer, as a toner, and when my skin feels dry or dehydrated. Its so multipurpose and an all in one! 

    For my hair, post wash, I spritz this all over after I’ve towel dried my hair and even when its dried but feels brittle I spray all over for extra shine and bounce!  

    Here you can see how my hair looks after a few sprays of this magic! So healthy!



    Ayesha Ziya Fragrances come to Karachi!

    Hey guys! So recently I had the opportunity to have hi-tea with some amazing people! Me and a couple of beauty bloggers were invited to have hi-tea with Ayesha Ziya of Ayesha Ziya Fragrances on the occasion of her luxury fragrances launching here in Karachi. This wasn’t a launch event, it was sort of like a testing-introduction sort of thing. 

    Bloggers Re-Unite!
    So the event started off with Erum Masood and Ayesha Ziya herself telling us about the brand and how the idea came about, how oud is made, how to tell the difference between a synthetic fragrance and one made with real ingredients.  

    Ayesha Talking About The Brand
    Actual Fragrance Bottles (sorry about the picture quality)
    The fragrances are not only oud based, there are five in the collection namely The Oud, Royal Mirage, Islah, Irum (my favorite) and Signature Oud.

    Ayesha has travelled all the way from the UK where her fragrances originated to launch here for us! 
    She is such a beautiful person inside out! 

    Ayesha Ziya and I
      We all introduced ourselves and then were served refreshments.

    Ayesha’s fragrances were also a part of the Huda Beauty Doha Masterclass Goodie Bag and have been featured in magazines like Vogue. One of Huda’s favorite perfumes is Oud by Ayesha Ziya.

    I was lucky enough to bring home a gift box with samples of all five fragrances and I have to say I AM IN LOVE! Irum is by far my favorite one in the collection and has been named after Ayesha’s niece. 

    Gift Box Front
    Gift Box Reverse
    Perfume Samples
    The fragrances are expected to launch in Pakistan in the first week of Ramadan this year (super near) and will be priced starting from 5500-6000 pkr. Locations for the stocking have not been disclosed as yet, but I will let you guys know whenever I get to know.

    For more details about the brand you can go to their website by clicking HERE.

    Love you guys! 

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    DIY | Phone Accesory Glamsformation 

    Hey guys! Today we’re doing something interesting! Me and my little cousin, who likes to be called Mintushka and has a blog here on wordpress as well had a sleepover and we had CRAZY FUN. So since she’s very in to crafts, she has the coolest supplies ever! And we made some super cute things, going to show you how.Now you don’t have to go to Accessorize and burn a hole in your pocket, you can just get super glam at home!

    Lets get started!!!!


    – A plain phone case that fits your phone (I used a hard plastic silicone-ish case) x2

    – Chunky or fine glitter (I used chunky glitter) for case no. 1 

    Three Chunky Glitters I Used
    – Mod Podge for case no. 1 

    Mod Podge
    – Spray Paint (any color you like, I used a mint green color) 

    Spray Paint
    – Pom poms (little ones used for craft) for case no. 2  

    Pom Poms
    – Glue gun for case no. 2 

    Glue Gun

    1. Go outside in the open and spray paint the case backwards side up with a very thin layer. Let this layer dry.

    2. After the first layer has thoroughly dried, spray another layer of paint on the whole case. Let this dry as well. If its taking too much time, get your blowdryer out and whoosh some cold air onto the case.

    3. Case no. 1 – Paint a thin even layer of Mod Podge on the back of the case 

    4. Get your glitter and lightly sprinkle it on the back (you can do this however you like). I sprinkled Gold on top, then a dark plum color, and then pink glitter. 

    5. Let this layer dry and then repeat on top of your work.

    6. Let the second layer of glitter dry with the Mod Podge and then go over it with another thin layer of the Mod Podge to seal the glitter in place. Voila!

    7. Case no. 2- After spray paint dries, heat up your glue gun.

    8. Use small multicolored Pom Poms and glue them on to the case however you like. Make sure to press them on super quick and firmly. There you go!! 

    *I did the sides of my case a day after I did the back so it had nicely dried.



    – Pom poms

    – Fine Glitter

    – Mod Podge 


    1. Take a small bowl or palette and mix any color of fine glitter (I used silver) with the mod podge. Put enough glitter to make the Mod Podge the color of the glitter. 

    2. Paint this mixture onto 3 sides of the adapter evenly and leave to dry.

    3. Paint a second layer after the first has completely dried and leave it to dry.

    4. Go heat up your glue gun 

    5. Attach small pom pom balls to the remaining side of the adapter (whichever color you like). Press firmly and let go.

    6. AWWWWWWW! 


    Hope you guys enjoyed reading and will try making these at home!

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    Love, Zenia❤️

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    Warm Vanilla- A Home Based Bakery (feat LEOPARD BREAD)

    Hi my angels! (Trynna be kaushal haha) 

    With the sudden emergence of so many teeny tiny home based bakeries, we’re all left thinking which ones are really worth the time and money (although everyone works very hard) 

    Some things may not meet our expectations and some may blow our mind (tastebuds really). Everyone has different techniques of baking/cooking and I think they should all be applauded for their efforts. However, one home based bakery has really outdone itself in such a short period of time. Yup, its warm vanilla.

    Warm Vanilla boasts a range of yummy deserts and savories that quite literally will make your mouth water just by looking at them! 

    Disclaimer: Just because I’m related to the person who runs it, that does NOT mean I am whatsoever being biased in my review- I’m a straightforward and honest person and will not unnecessarily blabber good things about something that hasn’t lived up to my expectations. And to show some support to your loved ones is NOT a bad thing, especially if they’re working ever so hard to deliver good quality, amazing and hygienic products made from scratch. 

    Lets begin!


    Warm Vanilla Leopard Bread

    Well that’s rather unheard of, isn’t it? Inspired by the Leopard King, Roberto Cavalli, comes this cute loaf of bread. Talk about innovation!!! I was amazed when i first saw this. SO pretty. Looks like lots of hard work has been put into that!

    So the bread is super gorgeous to look at, and tastes just as good. It’s regular bread with a twist. It comes with a little tub of cinnamon butter (i love cinnamon) which is very fattening (but hey we’re talking about deserts anyway so bye felicia!) So when fresh, its super soft, moist and not really sweet so im assuming you can pretty much eat it anyway you like. The cinnmon butter is sweet, creamy and basically finger licking good! The bread itself does tend to taste rather bland (like any other bread) without anything on it. But the texture is amazing and its homemade, so YAAAAS honey. 

    Warm Vanilla Leopard Bread



     How good does that look!? Growing up I was a huge fan of cinnabon’s cinnamon rolls and always wanted it to come to Karachi and they eventually came (on my birthday hahaha).

    If i ever had alternatives to cinnabon earlier, I wouldn’t have to cringe at the thought that I can only have it when someones coming from abroad. And lets get real, it can be a little heavy on za pocket sometimes…

    Anyway, this huge box of cinnamon rolls from WV blew my mind. They’re so soft and sweet and cinnamon-y UH WHYYYY are they so good??? They come with a generous amount of cream cheese sauce (which I clearly don’t need uh hello zenia you’re supah fat now get your shit together). When you heat them OH MY GOD they taste so good. They’re quite heavy though so try resisting yourself  from reaching out for like 5 at a time (I would do that). Not hating on Cinnabon but has anyone noticed how hard the cinnamon rolls are lately. I love them but I miss how they used to be. Anywho, try these classic ones and thank me for the suggestion later, I assure you that the next big party will be in your mouth (if that makes sense).



    Warm Vanilla Bundtt Cake

    Warm Vanilla Bundtt Cake

    Can we just…. take a moment to appreciate this beauty.. 

    So by now, you’ve been wondering where the chocolate is, because no bakery is complete without something chocolate! 

    So this basically comes with chocolate ganache poured all over it so its like super sweet and moist. 

    Each slice is super huge. The sponge isn’t too spongy or airy, its quite dense and the ganache makes it quite rich, so you won’t be able to eat alot of it unless you’re crazy for chocolate. I do love chocolate but I also love trying different flavors of deserts. For eg my favourite kind of cake is basic cheesecake (not like a flavored cheesecake) and I am CRAZY for cinnamon rolls. 

    Anyway, this is alot of fun to eat and the presentation is lovely. 

    Its not as rich or gooey as brownies so you won’t feel too full after eating it. I actually quite like that because gooey brownies can fill me up too much and although I’ll be feeling full and disgusted (because they’re heavy) after a while, I’ll still want to go back for more because they taste so good.

    No guilt with the bundtt cake! ALSO, I don’t like the taste of icing/fondant/marzipan/buttercream very much so this is ideal for me, no cream just yummy ganache❤️
    Hope you guys enjoyed reading! You can find Warm Vanilla on Facebook where you can also order in Karachi or either call on 03008229818.

    Thank you so much for your love and support. When P&P hits 1K followers on Instagram, there will be an amazing giveaway so stay tuned Karachi ladies!

    Love, Zenia🎈

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