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Trusted+ Blacklisted Facebook Pages/ Websites to Order Makeup From in Pakistan.

Hi there! So I always have so so SOOOO many people asking me where I order my makeup from online, so I decided to make a list showing you guys pages and websites that I trust and have had a good experience with or have heard very good things about and have AUTHENTIC makeup. Its hard to find a place where you can order makeup and be sure that what you’re buying is original. So get ordering!


  1. Sister Act Online
  2. Indelath
  3. Semora
  4. Infinity
  5. Beauty Enhancers
  6. Cosmetic Candy
  7. USA Branded Cosmetics
  8. International Makeup in Pakistan
  9. House of Brands
  10. Amor
  11. Mac Addict
  12. La Viva Glam
  13. Sadaf Bano Collections


  1. Just4Girls (use discount code J4GPNP5 at checkout)


These are pages you need to steer clear of, speaking of personal experience or experiences of people I know. Beware!

  1. Brands Arena
  2. Zainab and Zahraas (selling abh knockoffs and claiming they’re original)

    11 thoughts on “Trusted+ Blacklisted Facebook Pages/ Websites to Order Makeup From in Pakistan.”

    1. Unfortunately it’s an incomplete list and you should only compile it if it’s complete or keep on adding Names to it. Some very famous and pioneer pages in cosmetic selling online are not mentioned in your list like makeup and accessories, rouge, hash, the brand hub, beauty broadway , Iram Lillani, House of Dolls are only a few to name that are missing your list and have a huge huge market. And the fake page list is incomplete as well.
      It’s a good thought to compile an article like that but this article needs a lot of homework and a lot of improvement


      1. Yes but I’ve clearly mentioned pages that I’VE had personal experience with and I will update this if I will have good/bad experiences with the rest of the pages. I will not recommend anything without personally trying or without hearing reviews from people I know.


    2. yes brands arena sells fake products and are least bothered about it if u catch them in the act.. isnt there someway of reporting this page


    3. Don not Ever Buy From Brands because they are selling fake products and if some one knows that they got fake product from them they will silently refund it. But all people of Pakistan are not aware how to check replica


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