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BioDerma Bloggers MeetupĀ 

Hello again! Like always, I'd like to apologise to my lovely followers for being missing in action. Last Saturday (20/8/16) I attended an amazing event organised by Bioderma. I'm sure a majority of you know what Bioderma is since their Micellar Water (Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution) is raved about throughout the makeup world, by people… Continue reading BioDerma Bloggers MeetupĀ 

Beauty, Meetups, Skin Care

Bloggers Meetup at Amethyst By Roohi

Hidden amidst trees and embassies, lies a gem of a place called Amethyst. This is a Spa which you can enter and forget about all your problems, relax and rejuvenate. Now why am I raving about the ambience? Have I even been there? Well yea, took me 1.5 hours to find the place but o… Continue reading Bloggers Meetup at Amethyst By Roohi