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BioDerma Bloggers Meetup 

Hello again! Like always, I’d like to apologise to my lovely followers for being missing in action.

Last Saturday (20/8/16) I attended an amazing event organised by Bioderma. I’m sure a majority of you know what Bioderma is since their Micellar Water (Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution) is raved about throughout the makeup world, by people like Huda Kattan of HudaBeauty to people like Kathleen Lights and even Jaclyn Hill!

The event started a little later than planned because a majority of the clan arrived an hour late. I was so happy to see Maliha, Jadirah, Aiesha, Umaima, Farah, Bakhtawar, and Anum and meet some new people!

Blogger Squad!
 It started off with a presentation explaining how Bioderma Sensibio works and how it helps take your makeup off without tugging at your skin, spreading all the product around, burning your eyes, or giving you a hard time. They claim that it dissolves the product then and there instead of you having to make multiple windshield wiper motions back and forth in hopes of removing that pain-in-the-ass waterproof eyeliner or liquid lipstick. We actually tested it right there and then by putting random makeup from our bags on the back of our hands and trying to remove it. IT WORKED!

After the presentation, we took part in a twitter activity in which we had to answer basic questions about Bioderma. The winner was supposed to receive a gift but turned out that all of us got the same things as appreciation for our presence and of course to review on our blogs (which I will be sharing here shortly).

They also ran a cool little device all over our faces to tell us our skin types and what kind of products our skins need. 

 We then headed downstairs where a nice table of food awaited us. The food was SO GOOD, for a moment I felt like I was at a food event instead of a skincare one. Although this is irrelevant, the pizza was really really good. And so were the prawns. And the beef brushcetta. Ok ok zenia, calm down. 

Lets get to the fun part! The goodie bag details!

What it contains:

1x 250 ml bottle of BioDerma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

1x 20 ml bottle of BioDerma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution (travel size)

1x 8ml tube of BioDerma Nourishing Cream (moisturiser for sensitive skin)

1x 15ml tube of BioDerma Sébium Pore Refiner (can be used under makeup to hide pores)

1x 2ml tube of BioDerma AquaFluid (tinted moisturiser with SPF yay) 

1x USB Keychain. I love it!!

 It was great experience overall and its always lovely meeting my existing blogger friends and ofcourse meeting new people and getting to know them! Thank you Bioderma Pakistan for having us 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading!

For PR/Invites, is where you can reach out to me!


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