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A day at Naureen’s Health and Beauty Studio

23/9/16- A wonderful much-needed spa day by the lovely Naureen’s Salon crew. I’ve been studying for my SATs and Alevel exams so much lately, and the stress has really been getting to me. 

So i was invited to Naureen’s Health and Beauty Studio located in the midst of Khe-Muslim and Bukhari Commercial. Super easy to find, which isn’t usually the case with me when I’m invited to new places because A) I’m bad with navigation and B) the place is really located in someplace hard to find.

ANYWAY, so I got there and got to meet Naureen and the Salon Manager, both of which were super sweet and I was asked what service I’d like to try, so i ended up deciding to get the protein treatment for my hair, a blowdry, and a mani/pedi.

The salon from the inside was beautifully decorated with chandeliers, medieval mirrors and a separate ambiently lit area for hair washing which gave it an overall luxurious feel.  

After applying the protein to my hair (very relaxing because I was also given a massage that helped relieve the stress), I was taken upstairs to the mani pedi area which was well lit with sunlight pouring through the windows and cute sofa seats on the left and a yoga area on the right. OOOH. 

My manicure and pedicure went really well; the girls doing it were sweethearts and followed my instructions carefully. I got my fingernails filed round and toenails square. They did a phenomenal job! 

Pedi Underway!
Fingernails on Fleek!
However, the purple essie nail color that I initially wanted to paint my nails with had dried up which was a bummer but I did end up picking this beautiful mint green instead (also by essie).

After the Mani Pedi, my hair was washed and then blowdried straight (nothing fancy because I was in a hurry) and I LOVED IT! The protein treatment had made my hair SO smooth and silky and the blowdry made me look a thousand times better than when I had walked in with dry and damaged frizzy hair. 

Hair all blowdried and beautiful!
 For refreshments we were served healthy food and mint lemonade by a company who’s name I can not recall. It was divine! And I think it was a great idea considering everywhere you go you’re served unhealthy fried items and soft drinks. 

Overall it was a great experience. I will be revisiting and YOU SHOULD TOO! 

Thank you for the wonderful day Team Naureen’s❤️



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