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Huda Beauty Liquid Matte: Real VS Fake (INDEPTH)

Hey guys!! Today’s blogpost will be a little long but I promise it will be of great help. If you’ve been following me for a while now, I have been obsessed with Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lipsticks. To me, the formula is super comfortable, long-lasting and the color range is beautiful. I actually prefer them over my Kat Von D babies.
So just recently I got hold of an entire vault of fake huda beauty liquid lipsticks because a) I was curious, b) They were cheap, and c) I wanted to compare them for you guys as well as make a video on them. The video can be viewed on YouTube ‘HERE‘.

Anyways, lets begin with the comparison! The color I am comparing (real vs fake) is Trophy Wife. For reference, the original lipstick is at the top and the knockoff is at the bottom in all the pictures below. Instead of saying ‘real one’ and ‘fake one’, I will be referring to the former as ‘A’ and the latter as ‘B’. Also, the fake box is a material girl one as it came with the vault and had that shade in it.



  So as you can tell, Box B is screaming ‘I’M FAKE’. The image on B is merely printed on white cardboard and is much smaller than A, which comes with a clear plastic outer shell through which the lipstick tube can be seen. The lips on box A are bigger than B and are printed on the clear plastic. 

Real VS Fake

If you tilt both boxes sideways, both have the exact same text with social media information but the text on Box B is upside down so you’ll have to flip it which isn’t really an issue but we’re comparing the two so yea. 

The back of the box is a whole other story. Box A has ingredients, directions, and english+ arabic descriptions at the back whereas box B just has the name of the shade printed at the back.  

At the top and bottom, the only difference is the fonts. 

Box A’s plastic shell is slid open smoothly to reveal a picture of another set of the exact same lips biting the lipstick inside.

Box B, however, opens to a completely different color of biting lips.


  As you can tell, the tube length is exactly the same. Both contain 5ml/0.17flOz of product and look so similar that it’s hard to tell them apart. BUT WHAT AM I HERE FOR?! Hahahaha. Evidently, the font and color of the text on the tubes is the same but the text on B is bolder and more prominent than A. 

Real Huda Beauty Liquid Matte
Knockoff Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

The applicators are both doe foot ones. The edges and the lid of A are smoother than B. Tube A feels slightly fatter than B.

  At the bottom of the tube, you will find that the text on B’s label is a little faded and blended in compared to A, which bears super white and bold text.




 The swatches above will show you that the color of A is a dusty, rosy, deep nude-ish brown shade with a mauvy hue. B also has tones of rose and brown but it is far darker, sort of like a burgundy color.


Both go on smoothly and B surprisingly isn’t patchy at all. However, the formula of A, as I have mentioned above, is smooth, a little sticky to touch (which means it’s hydrating but not annoying which I absolutely LOVE). It looks smooth and buttery on the lips but when it’s on, its here to stay. A’s consistency is thicker than B.

Chances of B smearing off are lower than A because B dries completely like a regular liquid lipstick, although albeit it doesn’t make your lips feel like a barren desert (YAAAS). Both are comfortable to wear but A is better in those terms because of it’s hydrating formula. Alot of people prefer having their liquid lipstick more drying than this but I am super satisfied with how it dries. 

A smells like a beautiful perfumed cake whereas B smells like alot like chemical stuff (but what was I expecting from something I purchased at a fraction of the original price).


With B I have noticed that my lipstick does stay on all day but starts coming off from the inner, wetter part of my lips when I start talking and eating. It doesn’t really fade off, it completely vanishes from the inside like most liquid lipsticks and I am left with butthole lips- YES THATS A TERM HAHAHA. 

A is quite long wearing too, and what I love about it is that it won’t vanish from the inner rim of my lips, but rather it will fade slightly and blend into the front part so that it doesn’t look crazy. 

So yaaas, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this super in-depth article. Don’t forget to go checkout my new YouTube Video in which I lip swatch the ENTIRE 16 shades collection of knockoffs. 


Lots of love,

Miss Petunias ❤️


1 thought on “Huda Beauty Liquid Matte: Real VS Fake (INDEPTH)”

  1. Hey. Love your blog. It’s so informative and fun to read. Can you please let me know where you got the fake huda beauty from? xx


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