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Drool and germs from the face through constant usage can easily trigger breakouts and even spread smaller ones further


You probably already know its super important to wash your makeup brushes frequently because believe it or not, product build-up on your brush can be a MAJOR contributor to worsening your acne/ or even causing pimples. In the same way, using other people’s brushes is super unhygienic and so its letting them use yours. If you want to do someone elses makeup, use a disposable sponge.

Also, We may not realize this but sharing face powders, blushes, bronzers, etc is really not so great for your skin! The top layer of the product can have the owner’s sweat on it or even facial germs because the brush goes back into it multiple times while its being used on the face.


Trust me when I say this: use a tissue to dry your face. Even face towels get product buildup despite looking 100% clean.


Although keeping your face clean is super duper important, constantly washing it is not the answer. This can cause overdrying or simply aggravate pimples/ breakouts by irritating the skin. Washing twice to thrice maximum should be okay, depending on your skin type. Overwashing is always bad


I’ve had lots of clients coming in and saying they dont need to moisturize because their skin is oily but in reality what you should do is dab the oil off and then use an oil free/ water based/ gel based moisturizer normally and everytime you wash your face or are about to apply makeup


Because no matter how clean aunty is, her germs from the mouth can easily transfer to your skin, causing pesky little breakouts or irritated skin in general. You probably already know that even your own hands can trigger breakouts on your face.


When you’re taking your makeup off, its SO SO important to not only wash your face but also take makeup remover or micellar water on a wipe/ cotton pad and wipe it to double cleanse the pores. Try it, you’ll still find traces of product on the wipe. Simply washing is never enough!!! (Even if you’re not wearing alot of makeup)


I know it’s super tempting to just start using skincare products or acne creams that have been prescribed to your friends/ favorite beauty guru to save a few bucks but honestly, every skin type is different and if your acne or breakout is caused due to a different reason, using these products can cause a horrible reaction. Go to a dermatologist and have them prescribe something especially for your skin.


Shocking, I know right??? Its true, what you put on your hair can really affect what happens on your face because (a) everything you put on any part of your body externally is absorbed by your skin and (b) your hair may be touching your face more than you even realize.


You’ve most probably heard of this one before, and it’s true. What goes in your body matters more than what goes on it. If your skin is acting up always consider the possibility that something that you are eating is causing this reaction.

More common tips include not touching your face, wearing sunscreen, staying away from greasy food, NOT wearing alot of makeup very frequently, etc




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So yesterday I was sent half a dozen of assorted cupcakes by Maheen of Baking Sensation and I thought of reviewing them immediately while the taste is fresh in my mind.So I was sent three flavors to try which weren’t labelled but I assume they were Chocolate, Coffee and Red Velvet. Lets talk about them individually:


This is the first flavor I tried (gave one to my brother because he was showing me the puppy dog face😂). The cupcake itself was a chocolate one and the icing seemed to be coffee flavored buttercream. I quite enjoyed the fusion of the two flavors (coffee and chocolate) and so did my brother although I would like it more if the cupcake itself was vanilla because in my opinion that would complement coffee icing alot better. It didn’t taste bad at all though. The cupcake was moist and had just the right amount of sweetness to it which I loved.


Because of the terribly hot weather, the dark chocolate icing that rested atop this beauty ended up melting and that is how I received it. However, after refrigerating it, the chocolate topping solidified into a beautiful disc. The dark, bittersweet topping perfectly balanced the flavors of the sweet cupcake so it was definitely a party in my mouth. The chocolate cupcake itself was the same as the one with coffee icing


When I think of a red velvet cupcake, I immediately think of cream cheese topping. However, this cupcake was topped with purple buttercream which ofcourse didn’t taste bad but in my opinion didn’t entirely help mesh the two flavors. The presentation was beautiful, finished with silver beads (is that what they’re called?!)

The cupcake itself was not very sweet which is good in my opinion because it helped maintain balance with the sugary icing. It was moist and tasted super nice!
My favorite one had to be the chocolate one because both the cupcake and the topping were a perfect match. Go check out more of Maheen’s work on her Facebook (@BakingSensationKhi) and Instagram (@BakingSensation) pages! If you want fudgy, moist and fresh cupcakes that are beautifully packaged, please order from this girl! 

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J. Beauty Activity at Dolmen Mall Clifton

Attentionnnnn!J. Junaid Jamshed fragrances and Note Makeup by J. are having a super cool activity at Dolmen Mall Clifton!

Yesterday I was invited to come check out Note Makeup by J.’s amazing collection of Foundation, BB cream, Concealer, Blushes, Eyeshadows (2 types), Lipglosses (3 types), lipsticks, lipliner, crayons, eyeliners, mascara, YOU NAME IT!


I tried on the Pressed Face Powder, MatteMoist Lipglosses, Blush (which I ended up buying hehe), Terracotta powders (highlighters), and eyeshadows and truth be told EVERYTHING WAS STUNNING. However, my favorite products had to be the blushes and MatteMoist Lipglosses, the latter of which did not dry matte or feel like a gloss, but rather like a comfortable, opaque-finish ink that glided onto my lips like a dream!

The blush I bought was 05 Desert Rose (A rosy pink color which gives a super natural flush to the cheeks). 

They also have the entire range of J. Fragrances for Men and Women on display at the Kiosk so you can go test them and knock yourself out! (My favorite perfume had to be Uroosa!!!)

The Kiosks are setup at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi from 13/10/17 to 15/10/17 (you only have two more days including today) 

They are going to be at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road from 16/10/17 to 22/10/17 

Check Instagram and Snapchat for Swatches, First Impressions, and all that gooood stuff

Lots of Love,


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Elmore Beauty Face Washes | A Review

Two to three weeks ago I was sent a PR package by Elmore Beauty (Elmore is a Registered Brand of Evan & Mayer Inc. USA) which contained two lotions, glycerine cream and two face-washes.About the Brand:


Elmore Cosmetics is a product of Evan & Mayer International,a company dedicated to providing quality cosmetic products to its global customers. Their growing line of cosmetic products under the banner of “ELMORE” is just a first step in realizing this goal. Since 1998, under the trade name of “ELMORE”, Evan & Mayer Inc. USA has been developing and Marketing a growing range of Top Quality Skin Care products where they undergo extensive Research and Development and are formulated after rigorous testing of finest American & European ingredients.

Today’s review is focused on the two face washes that I received from the brand, one being a ‘cooling’ face wash (oil-control formula) and the other being a ‘purifying’ one (Herbal formula). 

Lets begin!

According to the brand, the gel formula of these face washes makes it easy to apply and the compact packaging allows you to travel with it conveniently for use on the go. Also, they claim to have used top quality ingredients to freshen skin without over-drying it.

1. Claims by the Brand:

Cooling Face Wash: Elmore’s Cooling Face Wash gives effective oil control and leaves a refreshingly cool feeling after use. Oil control is the key to preventing whiteheads & blackheads on the skin.


This face wash definitely gives a cooling effect to the skin when used. It is a clear gel-like formula that easily foams and leaves skin feeling clean and fresh. However, contrary to the claim of not over drying, it DOES dry the skin up quite alot and if used near my eyes or on my lids, the area starts itching because of the dryness so ladies with dry skin must stay away from this product and definitely not try cleansing eye makeup with it. Since the formula was created for oil control I believe it would be far better suited for people with really oily skin. It reminds me of the Neutrogena Acne Facewash quite alot (which is double the price). I recommend using a gel based moisturizer after using this face wash to avoid over drying. 

2. Claims By The Brand:

Purifying Face Wash: With the effective purifying and soothing qualities of natural neem extracts, Elmore’s Herbal Purifying Face Wash is best suited for those who require a daily facial cleansing product that removes dirt & oil build up without over drying the skin. 


Just like the cooling face wash, this too leaves skin feeling fresh. Of course it doesn’t have the same menthol-like feeling but the cool thing is the product is green! This also forms foam easily and washes off easily. What I particularly love about this facewash is that it does NOT overdry the skin unlike the cooling variant so it’s a win-win situation. Combination skin girlies like me, its time to jump on the bandwagon! With this one I don’t find the need to throw on alot of moisturizer either!

Ever since I have started using these face washes my skin has actually cleared out quite alot blemish/breakout wise but then again what works for me may not necessarily work for you!

If you’re still on the lookout for an affordable, travel friendly tube of facewash, look no further! Just remember to moisturize and of course use proper makeup remover to get rid of all the gunk before going to bed!

Both face washes come in typical plastic tubes and retail for Rs. 120 each (SO AFFORDABLE) and as mentioned above, are gel based. You can find them in stores nationwide and other Elmore Beauty products on

Lots of love,


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Huda Beauty Liquid Matte: Real VS Fake (INDEPTH)

Hey guys!! Today’s blogpost will be a little long but I promise it will be of great help. If you’ve been following me for a while now, I have been obsessed with Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lipsticks. To me, the formula is super comfortable, long-lasting and the color range is beautiful. I actually prefer them over my Kat Von D babies.
So just recently I got hold of an entire vault of fake huda beauty liquid lipsticks because a) I was curious, b) They were cheap, and c) I wanted to compare them for you guys as well as make a video on them. The video can be viewed on YouTube ‘HERE‘.

Anyways, lets begin with the comparison! The color I am comparing (real vs fake) is Trophy Wife. For reference, the original lipstick is at the top and the knockoff is at the bottom in all the pictures below. Instead of saying ‘real one’ and ‘fake one’, I will be referring to the former as ‘A’ and the latter as ‘B’. Also, the fake box is a material girl one as it came with the vault and had that shade in it.



  So as you can tell, Box B is screaming ‘I’M FAKE’. The image on B is merely printed on white cardboard and is much smaller than A, which comes with a clear plastic outer shell through which the lipstick tube can be seen. The lips on box A are bigger than B and are printed on the clear plastic. 

Real VS Fake

If you tilt both boxes sideways, both have the exact same text with social media information but the text on Box B is upside down so you’ll have to flip it which isn’t really an issue but we’re comparing the two so yea. 

The back of the box is a whole other story. Box A has ingredients, directions, and english+ arabic descriptions at the back whereas box B just has the name of the shade printed at the back.  

At the top and bottom, the only difference is the fonts. 

Box A’s plastic shell is slid open smoothly to reveal a picture of another set of the exact same lips biting the lipstick inside.

Box B, however, opens to a completely different color of biting lips.


  As you can tell, the tube length is exactly the same. Both contain 5ml/0.17flOz of product and look so similar that it’s hard to tell them apart. BUT WHAT AM I HERE FOR?! Hahahaha. Evidently, the font and color of the text on the tubes is the same but the text on B is bolder and more prominent than A. 

Real Huda Beauty Liquid Matte
Knockoff Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

The applicators are both doe foot ones. The edges and the lid of A are smoother than B. Tube A feels slightly fatter than B.

  At the bottom of the tube, you will find that the text on B’s label is a little faded and blended in compared to A, which bears super white and bold text.




 The swatches above will show you that the color of A is a dusty, rosy, deep nude-ish brown shade with a mauvy hue. B also has tones of rose and brown but it is far darker, sort of like a burgundy color.


Both go on smoothly and B surprisingly isn’t patchy at all. However, the formula of A, as I have mentioned above, is smooth, a little sticky to touch (which means it’s hydrating but not annoying which I absolutely LOVE). It looks smooth and buttery on the lips but when it’s on, its here to stay. A’s consistency is thicker than B.

Chances of B smearing off are lower than A because B dries completely like a regular liquid lipstick, although albeit it doesn’t make your lips feel like a barren desert (YAAAS). Both are comfortable to wear but A is better in those terms because of it’s hydrating formula. Alot of people prefer having their liquid lipstick more drying than this but I am super satisfied with how it dries. 

A smells like a beautiful perfumed cake whereas B smells like alot like chemical stuff (but what was I expecting from something I purchased at a fraction of the original price).


With B I have noticed that my lipstick does stay on all day but starts coming off from the inner, wetter part of my lips when I start talking and eating. It doesn’t really fade off, it completely vanishes from the inside like most liquid lipsticks and I am left with butthole lips- YES THATS A TERM HAHAHA. 

A is quite long wearing too, and what I love about it is that it won’t vanish from the inner rim of my lips, but rather it will fade slightly and blend into the front part so that it doesn’t look crazy. 

So yaaas, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this super in-depth article. Don’t forget to go checkout my new YouTube Video in which I lip swatch the ENTIRE 16 shades collection of knockoffs. 


Lots of love,

Miss Petunias ❤️

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Product Details: Get Ready With Me | SWEATPROOF EID MAKEUP 

Click ‘WATCH VIDEO HERE’ to be taken directly to the video for this look.


Morphe Brushes Copper Popper Palette

NYC liquid liner

Ardell Demi Wispies

Nyx Cosmetics Concealer Jar


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade


Mustela PK Sunblock

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC25

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow palette

thebalm Cosmetics Frat Boy Blush

ABH Contour Kit

KRYOLAN Translucent Powder

NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar


Huda Beauty liquid matte in Video Star

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Bio Oil- A Review

Hi there! Look who’s back! Today we’re talking about a problem that so many of us girls and guys face but barely find a solution for – Stretch Marks. (Well we’re talking about more than just that, but bear with me)

Incase you’re unaware, these are a form of scars that start with a raspberry color and then fade to a white shade. According to Wikipedia, “Stretch marks are caused by tearing of the dermis. This is often from the rapid stretching of the skin associated with rapid growth or rapid weight changes. Stretch marks may also be influenced by hormonal changes associated with puberty, pregnancy, bodybuilding, or hormone replacement therapy.”

But that’s not all Bio Oil claims to help with. The company says: Bio-Oil is a specialist skin care product that is recommended to help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It is also recommended for ageing and dehydrated skin.

The Key Ingredient besides Vitamins A & E, Rosemary, Lavender, Calendula, and Chamomile Oils is PurCellin Oil. The Oil is also hypoallergenic which means it is relatively unlikely to cause any kind of allergic reaction, so all my sensitive skinned ladies and gentlemen out there need not to worry, but a patch test is always recommended before going all in.

Over two months ago I blogged about an event hosted by Bio Oil and now I’m back to tell you guys if the oil lived up to its claims (reducing scars, stretchmarks, hyper pigmentation, etc) for me. 

The first time I decided to use this oil was on my face, to rid it of hyper pigmentation and I’m not sure if it worked for that but it sure did break me out! A lot of people have used this oil on their faces and have absolutely no issues with it but sadly i gave it multiple chances to adjust to my face’s skin and was disappointed each time. It clogged my pores and I developed painful bumps under my skin. Nuh-uh.

I will say, however, that it does not smell bad or feel too greasy unlike other oils which is great!

On the contrary, I have been using it for my stretch marks on my body and although I don’t see any drastic difference (I haven’t been using it regularly enough to) I sure feel like they may have faded slightly. As far as I know stretch marks never completely go away, they only fade. The oil feels great and really helps replenish and moisturize my skin when I step out of the shower, feels light too! My skin texture has greatly improved and it really does rapidly absorb. 

I just really wish it worked for my face because I have pigmented skin (gee, thanks genetics) around my mouth and cheekbone area. I guess any kind of oil just isn’t for my face but just because it didnt work for me doesn’t mean it won’t work for you! This is a holygrail product for alot of ladies out there. 

Anyway, Bio Oil is now being distributed across pakistan and you can buy it on,, and at Scentsation.


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The Loreal Pure Clay Mask | A Review

The Loreal Pure Clay Mask

Hey there!
Before we get started, I’d like to announce that I FINALLY filmed a skincare video which shall be up super soon on my YouTube Channel. Stay updated on my INSTAGRAM!🌟

Anyway, today I’m reviewing something super cool: The highly raved-about Pure Clay face mask by Lóreal (The Detoxifying and Clarifying one)
This mask has the internet going cuckoo and for good reason. It comes in a small glass tub which gives it an expensive feel, but without the expensive price tag, retailing at 1099 pkr (I bought it from

Coming to the product, I have to say that I’m impressed. In the past I’ve used face masks which dry and flake off and don’t really do anything for my face but my experience with this has been different. 

This mask has a creamy texture and is best applied with a flat brush like the one shown to ensure even and opaque coverage whilst assuring that you don’t get too thick a layer on. If the layer is too thick, the mask won’t dry properly and it’ll just be a big mess- and quite frankly you don’t even need more than a thin layer. The best way to use it is on freshly cleansed skin and in oily/ porous areas of the area (I use it in my T zone and on my chin) and then waiting for it to completely dry before wiping it off with a damp towel/ washing your face. Beware, you will get grey residue around your sink (but cleaning up won’t be an issue)  

 Unlike other masks, the Lóreal Pure Clay one doesn’t over dry my skin and is best coupled with a light moisturiser post-application (but it DOES dry a little, so if you have overly dry skin I’m not sure if this will be your cup of tea). I like to follow mine up with THIS DIY SPRAY


– Cleans pores throughly

– Leaves skin feeling fresh and glowy

– Reduces blemishes

– Does not over-dry skin

– Inexpensive

– Great for oil control and combination skin


– Might not suit dry skin

– Ingredients may not suit everyone, so a patch test pre usage is your safest bet.

– Slightly tingles at first so super sensitive skin should also carry a patch test out.

Would I recommend that you buy this? Hell yea! But don’t forget to be careful because what suits me may not suit you!❤️



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Bio-Oil Invites Bloggers Over for Hi-Tea!

Yet another event! Last weekend the distributors of Bio Oil in Pakistan invited me for some Chitchat and Hi-tea at Pranzo. 

Lovely PBS Bloggers

 Bio Oil is a special skincare oil that claims to help improve appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Stretch marks can be either due to skin stretching during pregnancy, rapid weight loss/ gain, genetic tendency, or just hormonal changes. Scars can be caused by zits, burns, etc. The key ingredient in Bio Oil is Purcellin Oil.
Here’s what yours truly wore:  

 The first half of the event was spent participating in activities, one of which was about holding up a mood card associated with a word that the host announced.  


We went on to have a discussion about scars and everyone’s experiences with stretch-marks/scars, external and internal. The mic was passed around for an odd session of ‘why don’t you like scars?’ One thing I found quite strange was that we were not told about the product and how it exactly works. 

 After a lot of pictures and gossip, we were served scrumptious shrimps, chicken, sandwiches, mini burgers, wings, pizza and burgers followed by dessert. Everything was truly cause for a party in my mouth! 

 Below you can find details of the goodie basket we received at the end of the event. Shoutout to Jeebee from The Glam World for inviting me and making sure everything was spot on. 

Goodies! (sorry about the focus)

  • 2 60ml bottles of Boo Oil (giving one away to my lovely followers)
  • A scarf from Nishat Linen
  • An 8gb USB containing slides about stretch marks and scars

Bio Oil retails for 1200-2200 online at and in stores such as Aghas, Tesco and Naheed in Karachi. I will be doing a GIVEAWAY with one of the bottles of bio oil that I received along with some other yummy goodies for better skin and hair because I like to believe that you should only wear makeup if you are willing to splurge equally on skincare because if you don’t take care of your skin post makeup application, it won’t be as gorgeous.

I have started using Bio Oil for my stretch marks (yes I have quite a few) and am ecstatic to see results although I know that they will only fade, not completely vanish. I used it for 2 nights for my face and broke out (not sure if this was the reason) so I have halted my face usage to see the root cause behind my breakout.

Thanks so much for being an awesome follower and taking your time out to read this! You are beautiful. Stay tuned for the giveaway xoxo

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Love Zenia❤️🌟

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Sephora Charcoal Nose Strips- Review & Demo

Hello everyone! On my recent trip to Dubai, I happened to go haywire when I came across the colorful stand of sheet masks in Sephora!
I ended up picking up a bunch everytime I went back, but today’s post is specifically aimed towards their peel-off nose strips that claim to pull out your blackheads, just like all charcoal strips.


1. Heat up a tiny bit of water for 30 secs in the microwave and dip a cloth inside (make sure your nose is cleansed)

2. Make sure the water isn’t too hot, whatever you’re comfortable with. Place the damp cloth on your nose for a minute so your pores open 

3. Wet your nose a little more and stick the strip on (black side down) 

4. Wet the cloth again and put it on top on the strip to make it adhere to the contours of your nose 

5. Let the strip sit for 10-15 minutes or till it dries (don’t leave it on for too long)

6. Pull it off slowly upwards (not sideways)  

7. Voila! (See before and after below)


 If I’m completely honest with you, the first time I tried these with normal water I wasn’t impressed. My nose isn’t crazy full of blackheads but I do have quite a few. The second time, however, I DID see some nasty gunk come out, but it didn’t completely pull out everything. My nose feels smoother and less bumpier but I can still see lots of tiny black spots.

The skin on the sides of my nose (inner third of my face) looks much clearer and I’m quite satisfied with that part.


– Peels off easily

– Easy to apply with alot of water

– Extracts gunk from prominent blackheads

– Inexpensive ($3)

– Leaves skin feeling smooth


– Doesn’t specify the warm water thing on the packet but it doesn’t work at ALL without it

– Doesn’t take out smaller blackheads

– Leaves paper residue on the nose when peeled off 



Did you guys try these strips? Let me know what you yhought in the comments below!!!

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