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Spa Day at Zayn Uppal’s

I know its been the longest time EVER but I'm sorry!!! Life is so busy busy busy So day before yesterday I was invited for a spa day at a new place called 'Zayn Uppals'. It is located in DHA Phase 4, Karachi. What I got: 1. Herb Balm Protein Treatment  2. BCL Spa Pedicure … Continue reading Spa Day at Zayn Uppal’s

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1. CHANGE AND WASH YOUR PILLOWCASE FREQUENTLY  Drool and germs from the face through constant usage can easily trigger breakouts and even spread smaller ones further 2. DON'T SHARE MAKEUP BRUSHES/ PRODUCTS You probably already know its super important to wash your makeup brushes frequently because believe it or not, product build-up on your brush… Continue reading 10 NOT SO COMMON ANTI BREAKOUT/ ACNE TIPS

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J. Beauty Activity at Dolmen Mall Clifton

Attentionnnnn!J. Junaid Jamshed fragrances and Note Makeup by J. are having a super cool activity at Dolmen Mall Clifton! Yesterday I was invited to come check out Note Makeup by J.’s amazing collection of Foundation, BB cream, Concealer, Blushes, Eyeshadows (2 types), Lipglosses (3 types), lipsticks, lipliner, crayons, eyeliners, mascara, YOU NAME IT!   I… Continue reading J. Beauty Activity at Dolmen Mall Clifton

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Elmore Beauty Face Washes | A Review

Two to three weeks ago I was sent a PR package by Elmore Beauty (Elmore is a Registered Brand of Evan & Mayer Inc. USA) which contained two lotions, glycerine cream and two face-washes.About the Brand: INTRODUCTION Elmore Cosmetics is a product of Evan & Mayer International,a company dedicated to providing quality cosmetic products to… Continue reading Elmore Beauty Face Washes | A Review

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Bio-Oil Invites Bloggers Over for Hi-Tea!

Yet another event! Last weekend the distributors of Bio Oil in Pakistan invited me for some Chitchat and Hi-tea at Pranzo.   Bio Oil is a special skincare oil that claims to help improve appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Stretch marks can be either due to skin stretching during pregnancy, rapid weight… Continue reading Bio-Oil Invites Bloggers Over for Hi-Tea!