Color Series- Purple!

Hey guys! I think its finally time to post pictures of my purple eye makeup attempts. Can’t spam on instagram so I’ll post it all here!  The past few days have been so eventful. Today I have nothing to do, super duper bored. College starts on Tuesday YIKES😳 don’t know what I should be feeling.  Lets get this post started! LOOK NO. 1        … Continue reading Color Series- Purple!

Color Series – Pink💕

Halu! So I’m starting with the prettiest color I could think of. A nice mixture of warm, frosty, deep and soft pinks! The color pink represents unconditional love and nurturing. As a combination of red and white, it contains the qualities of a strong, fierce red softened with the purity and completeness of the color white.  For this look, I used a combination of pink … Continue reading Color Series – Pink💕