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DIY Distressed Denim Jeans!

Hey guys! Have you ever been surfing the forever21/next/h&m etc website and come across an awesome pair of distressed jeans but your mom wouldn’t let you buy them because they were either out of your budget or too revealing?
Yup. Most of us have been there. Which is why I thought of doing this awesome DIY project. The pair of jeans I used for the pictorial was a practice pair (I’m giving it to my bestfriend) and after I was happy with the results, I went on to make my very own pair. Yaass. LETS BEGIN!

 – A pair of denim jeans 

– A pair of scissors OR a paper cutter blade

– Sandpaper (My house is being painted so I got some from the workers outside)

– Tweezers (optional)

– An eyeliner or a pen to mark the areas you want to cut


1. Put the jeans on and mark all the areas you’d like to distress. I wanted mine to be at the knees and Pakistan appropriate hahaha so i made two lines on each leg, one above and one below my knee so I stay between the two. 
2. Take the jeans off and get to work! Take a pair of super sharp scissors, fold your jeans as to be able to make cuts horizontally. If you’re using a blade, make the cuts by placing a hard book or cardboard inside your jeans to make sure you don’t cut the back of your jeans (unless you want to). 
3. Make cuts about half an inch apart between your two boundary lines you drew and cut earlier. They can be however big or small you like. 

4. Take the sandpaper and rub it over the area nicely up/down and sideways to make the white threads pop out and to distress the fabric. You can use tweezers and pull the blue vertical threads out to make only the white strings show.

5. Make cuts anywhere else you’d like to in the same way. I had to make my jeans a little modest so i could wear them here in Karachi so i just distressed the knees and put two small cuts on one back pocket. 

6. Throw them in the wash and dry them to bring their true look out! 


Jeans: unknown

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Voil! Your customized, FREE jeans are ready! Enjoy. If you try this, please tag Peplums and Petunias on instagram so I can see your creations!❤️
Here’s the pair I made for myself in the same way (Jeans are from Next)



Lots of love,


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DIY | A Spray that Changed my Hair and Skin Game Forever

Have you heard about the Nivea Men Aftershave Balm being used as primer for the glycerin it contains? Glycerin is truly magical. Its a clear, sticky and odorless substance sent from heaven (hypothetically speaking). Its a natural humectant, so it helps your skin and hair attract moisture from the air, keeping them hydrated. And you know whats the best part? NO OILINESS! Yup, no oils involved. Nuh-uh. Moisture without the grease?

Yes please!

A LOT of people have been asking me what this spray is that I use and how my hair is so much more healthy looking and my foundation looks like I’m not even wearing any (so natural). And here I am, finally writing this down.

So lets start making our very own hair and skin spray!


– A spray bottle. I used my empty La Senza body mist spray bottle which is a 236ml bottle (the large bottle)

Spray Bottle
– 3 tea spoons of glycerin. You can find this at any medical or general store/ drugstore. I got it from Pak Paradise. 

– Water!! Usually people use rosewater which is great but I like to use water. Plain good old wotah.  
– Rosewater. This is optional. I use a few drops and I’m good to go! 

Rosewater drops I found at the store
– A few drops of Aloe Vera juice, this is optional for extra hydration. I did not use this.


Put all the ingredients in your spray bottle and shake shake shake!  

Shake dat spray
Spray and sway your gorgeous locks and flaunt your glowy skin.

This spray can also be used as an alternative for Mac Fix Plus since IT contains nearly the same ingredients and costs like 1/10th of the price. I like to use it before I apply my foundation as primer, as a toner, and when my skin feels dry or dehydrated. Its so multipurpose and an all in one! 

For my hair, post wash, I spritz this all over after I’ve towel dried my hair and even when its dried but feels brittle I spray all over for extra shine and bounce!  

Here you can see how my hair looks after a few sprays of this magic! So healthy!



DIY | Phone Accesory Glamsformation 

Hey guys! Today we’re doing something interesting! Me and my little cousin, who likes to be called Mintushka and has a blog here on wordpress as well had a sleepover and we had CRAZY FUN. So since she’s very in to crafts, she has the coolest supplies ever! And we made some super cute things, going to show you how.Now you don’t have to go to Accessorize and burn a hole in your pocket, you can just get super glam at home!

Lets get started!!!!


– A plain phone case that fits your phone (I used a hard plastic silicone-ish case) x2

– Chunky or fine glitter (I used chunky glitter) for case no. 1 

Three Chunky Glitters I Used
– Mod Podge for case no. 1 

Mod Podge
– Spray Paint (any color you like, I used a mint green color) 

Spray Paint
– Pom poms (little ones used for craft) for case no. 2  

Pom Poms
– Glue gun for case no. 2 

Glue Gun

1. Go outside in the open and spray paint the case backwards side up with a very thin layer. Let this layer dry.

2. After the first layer has thoroughly dried, spray another layer of paint on the whole case. Let this dry as well. If its taking too much time, get your blowdryer out and whoosh some cold air onto the case.

3. Case no. 1 – Paint a thin even layer of Mod Podge on the back of the case 

4. Get your glitter and lightly sprinkle it on the back (you can do this however you like). I sprinkled Gold on top, then a dark plum color, and then pink glitter. 

5. Let this layer dry and then repeat on top of your work.

6. Let the second layer of glitter dry with the Mod Podge and then go over it with another thin layer of the Mod Podge to seal the glitter in place. Voila!

7. Case no. 2- After spray paint dries, heat up your glue gun.

8. Use small multicolored Pom Poms and glue them on to the case however you like. Make sure to press them on super quick and firmly. There you go!! 

*I did the sides of my case a day after I did the back so it had nicely dried.



– Pom poms

– Fine Glitter

– Mod Podge 


1. Take a small bowl or palette and mix any color of fine glitter (I used silver) with the mod podge. Put enough glitter to make the Mod Podge the color of the glitter. 

2. Paint this mixture onto 3 sides of the adapter evenly and leave to dry.

3. Paint a second layer after the first has completely dried and leave it to dry.

4. Go heat up your glue gun 

5. Attach small pom pom balls to the remaining side of the adapter (whichever color you like). Press firmly and let go.



Hope you guys enjoyed reading and will try making these at home!

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Love, Zenia❤️

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Depotting my lipsticks!

You guys!!! I was so bored today that I decided to pick up my psychology study and well, read. But uh, then I heard the Vaseline lying next to my lipstick basket and my mom’s empty acrylic nails container call my name! This called for a plan. Yep, tinted lip balm.

So I picked up my Makeup Revolution lipstick (its the cheapest one I own, so i wouldn’t cringe if my experiment went wrong) in the shade Rebel with Cause, the little pot of Vaseline and this empty Container, perfect for storing lip product, AND I HEADED TO MY LABORATORY. Uh, the kitchen.. Hahaha. 


So basically I attempted to melt some vaseline in the microwave with a little shaving of my lipstick but meh, it wouldn’t budge. So i decided to turn to the stove! Grabbed a table spoon and knife!  

 So i started by melting the same vaseline on the spoon by holding it over the flame and with it was the MUR lipstick shaving I mention mentioned earlier. So as they melted, they started to mix and I assissted the process with a toothpick. SUCCESS!  

I poured the mixture into one of the tubs and it looked beautiful. But seeing all those empty tubs made me a little sad. So ofcourse I reached out to two of my MUR lipsticks (Lady and Luscious) and my Jordana lipstick in Raspberry, since these were the safest options I had to experiment, although I love all three. So I repeated the process, except it took a little longer for lipsticks because they’d stick to the spoon and would have to be properly scooped. To get rid of the lippy stuck on the spoon without wasting it, I scooped some Vaseline (made a tinted balm and easily lifted the lipstick from the spoon) and depoted this too. 

Lastly I reached for my Wet n Wild megalast lippie in Cherry picking, which i am absolutely obsessed with. Its a gorgeous pink, also on my blog (scroll a little guys💕). This one is a matte lipstick so it has a heavier consistency. It stuck to the spoon more than the others and started to bubble. There were teensy weensy air bubbles but I managed to depot it. Used up the rest that was stuck to the container by melting it with Vaseline (tinted balm Voila!) as well. 

Im pretty satisfied with the results, and this this is a great idea for people who want to save space or have clients to work on, so they can use a lipbrush easily. I’ve seen people do this to their MAC lipsticks too. Would I? No. Never, sorry. Hahahaha. 

I know where I went wrong but I’m actually super happy with my little lipstick plus lipbalm palette. 

Here’s what it looks like hehe 

Just a few tips/ things to be careful about:

  • Try not to fit the whole lipstick bullet on the spoon in one go. When liquid, it expands and will overflow. Little by little, patiently.
  • Pour into tubs carefully, trying not to overflow or letting it spill into a neighbour tub.
  • The spoon is super hot, don’t touch it!!!
  • Keep the spoon a little above the heat and keep stirring with a toothpick so it doesn’t burn.
  • Keep your eyes on your lipstick/ Vaseline the whole time.
  • When you dilute the leftover lipstick using Vaseline to take it off the spoon, do not pour it in the lipstick container, as the lipstick will probably have solidified by then and it will form a new lipbalm layer on top which you can’t mix, so your lippy is hidden under there! I made that mistake. 😦
  • Have an adult supervise you and please DONT BURN YOUR PRETTY FINGERS.
  • Make sure your container has a lid.
  • Be patient.

Well thats about it lovies, hope you enjoyed reading and will enjoy trying this out yourself! Be superduper careful though, please. 

Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments!

Love Zenia ❤

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DIY: Cinnamon Flavored Lipbalm!

Konnichiwa! Ok I am so weird. 

Well, back in less than 15 hours, tadaaa! Did you guys miss me? Do you enjoy my DIY posts?  You could always leave a comment, ya knooowww😉

Sorry if I’m pissing you off😄. Lets get to the point! 

Today’s DIY is all about lip plumping. No, I’m not doing the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. Please girls, don’t play that stupid blood vessel bursting game. It’s disgusting. Try this. What have I made for you guys today?!

Oh yas!!! Have you heard, cinnamon is the new natural lip plumper! The natural and healthier way to get fuller, plumper lips in absolutely no time. 


  • 3.5 tsp Vaseline or any other good quality petroleum jelly
  • 2 tsp finely powdered cinnamon 
  • A microwave


🔱Roughly combine the cinnamon powder and the petroleum jelly to form a smooth stiff paste. You can ofcourse alter the amount of cinnamon and jelly depending on how much you want to make. In the Instagram tutorial, you can see that I added the third dollop of petroleum jelly after transferring it to the new container. 

🔱Put it in the microwave  (in a microwave safe dish, i put it in a plastic one initially and it kinda melted, oops) for no more than 2 minutes 
🔱Take the liquid out carefully and stir for about a minute so that the excess heat escapes and the cinnamon dissolves in the liquid jelly. 
🔱Put the liquid in the fridge for 5 minutes and check if it has settled. The cinnamon I used wasn’t completely powdered so it settled on the bottom of the glass container.

 What i did after that was mix it a little because it had partially solidified like molten wax. I scooped the mixture into my little vaseline pot where I wanted to store it. It didn’t settle on the bottom again.

I left it in the freezer for 10 minutes and voila! The cinnamon lip plumping balm was ready! 

finished product

Easy to make, inexpensive and natural!  Put it on your lips and let the goodness sink in. The cinnamon will swell your lips up a bit making them look plump and pretty. You can add a little bit of lipstick or eyeshadow for a slight tint in your lip balm! 

It goes on my lips like a dream😍

The real bummer for me was that I used aloe flavored Vaseline petroleum jelly instead of the plain one so the aloe smell actually masked the beautiful cinnamon scent. It doesn’t smell bad. It just doesn’t smell like cinnamon😞. Which is kind of a good thing, since I’d probably start licking it off my lips if it really smelled like cinnamon.  

I’ve told you guys my mistakes and I hope you make sure you don’t make the same while preparing your Cinnamon Lip Plumping Balm.

DISCLAIMER: Cinnamon is a hot ingredient which may burn sensitive skin so I recommend doing a patch test on your wrist or on a small spot near your chin to see whether it suits you or not. Also please watch the quantity! 
Hope you enjoyed reading! Please try this and let me know how it turns out for you!

Love, Zenia🎈

For a video of how I prepared this, please check out the quick tutorial on Peplums and Petunias’ Instagram!💕