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Huda Beauty Liquid Matte: Real VS Fake (INDEPTH)

Hey guys!! Today’s blogpost will be a little long but I promise it will be of great help. If you’ve been following me for a while now, I have been obsessed with Huda Beauty Liquid Matte lipsticks. To me, the formula is super comfortable, long-lasting and the color range is beautiful. I actually prefer them over my Kat Von D babies.
So just recently I got hold of an entire vault of fake huda beauty liquid lipsticks because a) I was curious, b) They were cheap, and c) I wanted to compare them for you guys as well as make a video on them. The video can be viewed on YouTube ‘HERE‘.

Anyways, lets begin with the comparison! The color I am comparing (real vs fake) is Trophy Wife. For reference, the original lipstick is at the top and the knockoff is at the bottom in all the pictures below. Instead of saying ‘real one’ and ‘fake one’, I will be referring to the former as ‘A’ and the latter as ‘B’. Also, the fake box is a material girl one as it came with the vault and had that shade in it.



  So as you can tell, Box B is screaming ‘I’M FAKE’. The image on B is merely printed on white cardboard and is much smaller than A, which comes with a clear plastic outer shell through which the lipstick tube can be seen. The lips on box A are bigger than B and are printed on the clear plastic. 

Real VS Fake

If you tilt both boxes sideways, both have the exact same text with social media information but the text on Box B is upside down so you’ll have to flip it which isn’t really an issue but we’re comparing the two so yea. 

The back of the box is a whole other story. Box A has ingredients, directions, and english+ arabic descriptions at the back whereas box B just has the name of the shade printed at the back.  

At the top and bottom, the only difference is the fonts. 

Box A’s plastic shell is slid open smoothly to reveal a picture of another set of the exact same lips biting the lipstick inside.

Box B, however, opens to a completely different color of biting lips.


  As you can tell, the tube length is exactly the same. Both contain 5ml/0.17flOz of product and look so similar that it’s hard to tell them apart. BUT WHAT AM I HERE FOR?! Hahahaha. Evidently, the font and color of the text on the tubes is the same but the text on B is bolder and more prominent than A. 

Real Huda Beauty Liquid Matte
Knockoff Huda Beauty Liquid Matte

The applicators are both doe foot ones. The edges and the lid of A are smoother than B. Tube A feels slightly fatter than B.

  At the bottom of the tube, you will find that the text on B’s label is a little faded and blended in compared to A, which bears super white and bold text.




 The swatches above will show you that the color of A is a dusty, rosy, deep nude-ish brown shade with a mauvy hue. B also has tones of rose and brown but it is far darker, sort of like a burgundy color.


Both go on smoothly and B surprisingly isn’t patchy at all. However, the formula of A, as I have mentioned above, is smooth, a little sticky to touch (which means it’s hydrating but not annoying which I absolutely LOVE). It looks smooth and buttery on the lips but when it’s on, its here to stay. A’s consistency is thicker than B.

Chances of B smearing off are lower than A because B dries completely like a regular liquid lipstick, although albeit it doesn’t make your lips feel like a barren desert (YAAAS). Both are comfortable to wear but A is better in those terms because of it’s hydrating formula. Alot of people prefer having their liquid lipstick more drying than this but I am super satisfied with how it dries. 

A smells like a beautiful perfumed cake whereas B smells like alot like chemical stuff (but what was I expecting from something I purchased at a fraction of the original price).


With B I have noticed that my lipstick does stay on all day but starts coming off from the inner, wetter part of my lips when I start talking and eating. It doesn’t really fade off, it completely vanishes from the inside like most liquid lipsticks and I am left with butthole lips- YES THATS A TERM HAHAHA. 

A is quite long wearing too, and what I love about it is that it won’t vanish from the inner rim of my lips, but rather it will fade slightly and blend into the front part so that it doesn’t look crazy. 

So yaaas, I hope you guys enjoyed reading this super in-depth article. Don’t forget to go checkout my new YouTube Video in which I lip swatch the ENTIRE 16 shades collection of knockoffs. 


Lots of love,

Miss Petunias ❤️

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Product Details: Get Ready With Me | SWEATPROOF EID MAKEUP 

Click ‘WATCH VIDEO HERE’ to be taken directly to the video for this look.


Morphe Brushes Copper Popper Palette

NYC liquid liner

Ardell Demi Wispies

Nyx Cosmetics Concealer Jar


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade


Mustela PK Sunblock

Mac Studio Fix Fluid NC25

Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow palette

thebalm Cosmetics Frat Boy Blush

ABH Contour Kit

KRYOLAN Translucent Powder

NYX Cosmetics Concealer Jar


Huda Beauty liquid matte in Video Star

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Hi there! I have to say I’m quite impressed by this PR package I received from elf Cosmetics Pakistan.  

 They sent me 4 items;

– Blush in Jetsetter

– Bronzer in Baked Peach

– Eyelash Curler

– Concealer in Beige

*Before you get into the post, please know I am completely honest with my reviews and have no interest in writing for brands that send things and expect me to brag about their products even if they suck. 

You can go to the elf website by clicking HERE to purchase these products.

Lets jump into the reviews and swatches!

Blush in Jetsetter & Bronzer in Baked Peach 

Blush and Bronzer (my photography is cool)
 Can we please look at the matte black packaging on these! It reminds me of their matte lip colors which I love and are very good quality. And I’m glad I can say the same for these. The packaging does not feel cheap especially for the price. 
The Blush is beautiful. When applied to the cheeks, it looks like I’m blushing in reality! It looks natural and meshes in so well. The pigment can be built but the downside is that one layer or swipe isn’t enough because it lacks that buttery feel and isn’t as pigmented as the bronzer. It is not hard like a baked product though. The color is very pretty and looks nice when applied but it still needs to be built. In terms of longevity its alright, can be worn 2-3 hours but after that it starts to fade. 

Blush in Jetsetter
The Bronzer is more of a highlight than a bronzer. As shown in the swatches, the color is too light and is better off a peachy gold ethereal highlighter. And oh boy is this a God send! The pigmentation is crazy, it feel smooth like butter and the subtle glow it gives off looks like I’m glowing from within. It doesn’t contain huge glitter particles but looks absolutely stunning when applied and is also great in terms of staying power. Highly recommended especially if you’re on a budget. This is my favorite of the lot. Good job elf! 
Bronzer in Baked Peach

Here’s a picture of me with my glow on! I got so many compliments. 


Concealer in Beige

This concealer comes in stick form so you can easily twist it up to access the product. I love how smoothly it glides on. However it doesn’t cover much. As I don’t have harsh dark circles it worked nicely after being set but for someone intending to conceal big blemishes and heavy dark circles, this won’t be their cup of tea. It blends easier with a brush rather than a Beauty Blender and is good for light coverage. This concealer will crease if not set. Longevity wise it doesn’t do too well on its own but goes a long way after being set with powder. I used the Kryolan translucent powder to set all the areas where I applied it. I love tue dewy finish however, as I doesn’t dry out my under eyes and the rest of my face. This also has the same matte black packaging which I adore.

Overall I think its a good product considering the price you get it for. 

Will I keep using it? Yes because it’s nice with powder for daily use (although I don’t wear makeup everyday haha) 

Will I purchase it? Probably will, probably won’t. I like liquid concealers more than stick ones so it all comes down to personal preference.

Here are a few pictures to show you what the concealer looks like on me! 

Bad condition of my skin; pores, zits, scars, tan, discoloration
In process!
Blended! (not set with powder)
Blended and Set with Powder!

Here’s a look complete with the blush , bronzer and concealer! 


Hope you guys enjoyed reading and will go check out elf’s new products from their studio line.

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Love Zenia💕

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is your full name? 
My full name is Zenia Mariam Khan. 

2. What inspired you to start blogging?

I don’t know honestly. I just wanted to write. I wanted to write about anything. Then I started liking makeup. And then I started loving it. And I started doing a lot of DIYs for my skin which made me want to share everything I do online.

3. How old are you?

I’m 17, turning 18 in January 2017 hehe.

4. Have you always been this obsessed with makeup?

Nope. Actually I was one of the girls in my friends circle who never wore even a dot of makeup till grade 9 started. This obsession started when my aunt handed down her old makeup to me. Later, I bought myself a Maybelline lipstick, mascara and eyeliner which was my first makeup purchase with my eidi 2 or 3 years ago. After that I spent all my money on it. Every single penny I get is spent on makeup. Dedication YAS.

5. Where do you buy your makeup?

I buy most of my makeup online (Click here to see trusted pages and websites) or from stores like Scentsation DMC and Inglot. The rest is makeup my family brings me from abroad.

6. Why do you snapchat so much?

Because I want to. I love talking to the camera and I love it when girls send me pictures of their makeup asking for my opinion.

7. What do you use to take pictures/ record videos?

I use my iPhone 5 for all my photos and videos because I don’t own a personal DSLR.

8. What is your skintype?

My skin is combination, oily on the sides of the nose and going towards my cheeks. I also have a slightly oily chin in the summers. My whole face gets very dry in winter time. It is acne prone but I have never had a severe breakout Alhamdulillah.

9. When did you start blogging?

June 2015

10. What is your foundation shade?

I do not own a mac foundation. I like to use 130 for Maybelline Fit me Foundation, Nude Beige for Loreal True Match Lumi, 150 for Maybelline IAR Eraser Treatment Makeup and beige in the Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse.

11. What shampoo and conditioner do you use?
I use the Herbal Essences Blowout Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. Smells like heaven.

12. Where do you get your hair done?

Maahnoor Mizka from Mizka’s Studio is my hair magician. Enough said. 

13. Favourite Lipstick?

Definitely MAC Flat Out Fabulous!

14. What do you do when you’re bored?
I watch YouTube videos. Nikkietutorials, Jaclyn Hill, Carli Bybel, Kaushal, Gina Shkeda, Lushaflor, Nicol Concilio and Nicolr Gurreiro are my faves!

15. Did you go to school for makeup? 

Not yet, but I plan to this month. I’m self taught otherwise.

16. Do you want to pursue makeup artistry as a career in the future?

Yup! But first I’d like to get fully educated. Then we’ll see.

17. Where can I see your work?

You can see my work on my Instagram and stay updated on Facebook as well.

Leave your questions below so I can answer each one of you!

Much love, Zenia xx

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Lipsticks | Summer of 16

I am a really lazy person. I need to start being more productive and update my blog more frequently. Praying that a lightening bolt full of energy and ideas hits me so I can get to work again!

Summer of 16 is a series I’ve started inspired by the bright spring colors and sunny mornings we get to see this season.

Today we’re talking LIPSTICK. Woot woot. I LOVE LIPSTICK. Lipstick instantly gives my dull face life and makes me feel better about myself. I personally love bright colors and would wear a chilly hot red lip with bare eyes anytime, anyday, anywhere. Yup.

Below are lipsticks that I chose to wear this hot, humid and not so pleasant summer! Before we begin, here’s a picture of my natural lipcolor as different lipsticks show up differently on different skintones and lip pigments. 


  1. MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipstick- Ruby Woo   
  2. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick- Lolita 2  
  3. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick- Vivid Rose  
  4. MUA Cosmetics Matte Lipstick- Fawn Fancy  
  5. NYX Cosmetics SMLC- Antwerp  
  6. MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipstick- All Fired Up  
  7. MAC Cosmetics Retro Matte Lipstick- Flat Out Fabulous   
  8. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick- Red Revolution   
  9. NYX Cosmetics Liquid Suede- Pink Lust  
  10. MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear lip Color- Jazz-Y-Razz  
  11. Jordana Matte Lipstick- Rose Lust 
  12. Color Studio professional Lipstick- Eternal love  
  13. Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick- Smokin Hot Pink  
  14. H&M Liptint- Raspberry Red  
  15. Rimmel Color Rush Balm (sorry dont know the name 😦 )  

I hope you guys enjoyed looking at my not so perfect lip swatches! Well at least now you know what my favourite lipsticks are to wear this summer!



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      Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer- The pink eyeliner?

      *This post has been in my drafts for 361 days. Thank God Im finally posting.

      Hola! I got so many comments and messages as compliments and people asking me where I got my ‘pink eyeliner’ from, the one I was wearing in my instagram picture.  

      Well if you saw that you probably also saw the video i posted applying the salvation velvet lip lacquer on my lips. And you probably also saw my older post which said I was disappointed with this lip Lacquer. And well, I was. So I used it as eyeliner, yup.

      I bought this in the shade ‘You took my love’, a beautiful bright pink shade that I was super duper excited about since I’ve been liquid lipstick hunting nowadays. Its the new thing. The NYX soft matte lip cream had an absolutely different texture and everything. This is sticky when drying and may come off one of your lips while its in sticky mode. Once it dries, gets super flaky and starts coming off like little dry skin pieces. 

      I’m honestly confused. People have so many nice things to say about these. Maybe I got a bad piece?😔 

      I am not trying to defame MUR. I am a huge fan of their products and was expecting so much from this liquid lippy. Oh well. 

      I needed to look for an alternative use for this. And a little googling brought to my knowledge that liquid lipstick CAN be used as eyeliner, as long as it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and you don’t get it in your eye. I was super careful with this and my skin isn’t exactly sensitive, so I don’t recommend this to someone who’s eyes/skin get irritated by any makeup. I used an angled brush to create pink wings and today I’m doing the same thing again. Trying to. 

      Please don’t use this on your waterline!

      Hope you found the answers to your questions. 

      Much love, Zenia.

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      Johnson’s Baby Skincare Wipes on my face!

      Hi guys!! I know you’re thinking ‘Hey why would she use wipes made for baby butts on her FACE? 

      Well maybe thats just how weird I am, or is it just me? Turns out half of the world uses these wipes for things OTHER than baby poo/pee. 

      So the other day I was casually strolling in Hyperstar DMC (Carrefour basically) and a big pink stack of these caught my eye. Ofcourse I had to get them. Not for my illegitimate or imaginary child, for removing makeup. Yes. 

      So apparently 3 types of these are available in the UK. But here in Pakiland I’ve only seen the pink ones. I got two packs attached to eachother on promotion, one with 20 cotton soft wipes (200mm x 150mm) and the other with 80 strong cloth wipes (200mm x 150mm).  


      I’ve used up all my wipes, as I continue to write this article MONTHS later and I have to say YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE.

      I incorporated these wipes in my skincare routine (CLICK HERE) and they made my skin so much smoother and cleaner and zit-free! I used them to take my makeup off but be careful around the eye area because if you rub the area with these too much your skin will feel like its burning and will turn red. Be nice to your skin guys! 

      The wipes have a cool feel to them which makes makeup removal all the more enjoyable and refreshing.

      I will, however, say that if you have skin that is insanely sensitive you may want to do a patch test before hand just to be sure the fragrance does not irritate you. Beside that, you’re good to go!

      Hope you guys will try these too! 

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      Trusted+ Blacklisted Facebook Pages/ Websites to Order Makeup From in Pakistan.

      Hi there! So I always have so so SOOOO many people asking me where I order my makeup from online, so I decided to make a list showing you guys pages and websites that I trust and have had a good experience with or have heard very good things about and have AUTHENTIC makeup. Its hard to find a place where you can order makeup and be sure that what you’re buying is original. So get ordering!


      1. Sister Act Online
      2. Indelath
      3. Semora
      4. Infinity
      5. Beauty Enhancers
      6. Cosmetic Candy
      7. USA Branded Cosmetics
      8. International Makeup in Pakistan
      9. House of Brands
      10. Amor
      11. Mac Addict
      12. La Viva Glam
      13. Sadaf Bano Collections


      1. Just4Girls (use discount code J4GPNP5 at checkout)


      These are pages you need to steer clear of, speaking of personal experience or experiences of people I know. Beware!

      1. Brands Arena
      2. Zainab and Zahraas (selling abh knockoffs and claiming they’re original)
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        Trying out the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick

        Helloo my lovelies! I know I haven’t been giving too much attention to writing since I started making videos and posting them on my blog’s Facebook Page. However, today I’m posting a video tutorial for a look you’ll be seeing by the end of this post and before that I decided to do a mini discussion on the pros and cons of the NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick in Pink Lust. Enjoy!

        So when I first got this i was super duper thrilled to be trying my first ever liquid lippie. My mom got this from somewhere in the USA (a drugstore obviously) and I’m sorry I don’t know how much it was for 😦

        So this comes in a plastic tube which is the color of the lipstick itself. The lid has a cute diamond like shape which gives a nice extra girly feel to it (if that makes any sense). The applicator is a doe-foot one, similar to a lipgloss wand. Its nice and thin which makes lipstick application a whole lot easier. 

        The packaging overall doesn’t look or feel cheap, it’s quite cute and sturdy and the type you can trust that it wont have the insides of your purse/makeup bag all stained and pink with lippy spills. Yaaaas for me, being a teenager.


        The lipstick itself is a bright fuchsia color, not your ideal day to day color but perfect if paired with a nice winged eyeliner and nude eyes for a party! Yum. If you don’t want it to be so ‘in your face’, you can always mute it a little with some nude lipstick atop. 

        So the lipstick goes on as a liquid, quite easy to apply and the coverage is opaque so win win! The application process is made easier with the applicator, although you might want to layer it very thinly instead of slapping on too much at once and then not seeing it dry for like 5 hours or something. 

        Ah yes! The drying! It dries extremely slow, and even when it dries its a little sticky which i quite like because it doesn’t completely dry up like a liquid  lipstick and start flaking. Its also pretty long lasting, although transfer while eating/drinking is quite inevitable wuth this product. You need to be careful with it, and very patient with the drying process and it might be worth it! As long as it doesn’t flake, IM WEARING IT!! 

        The Pros

        • Pigmented
        • Opaque coverage
        • Doesn’t overdry lips
        • No flaking
        • Longlasting
        • Easy to apply
        • Buildable coverage
        • Amazing range of colors

        The Cons

        • Takes forever to dry
        •  Sticky 
        • Can transfer
        • May feel a little heavy on the lips
        • The color pink lust is too bright to be worn anywhere but a party

        THE LOOK



        Hope you enjoyed reading! Please watch the tutorial (posting in a bit) HERE!! Will also list a complete list of products there 🙂

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        Love Zenia💓

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        Sephora does it again!

        Sephora has launched a new favourites box which is an absolute amazing value for money! It’s called the ‘Sephora Favorites Paint it Pink’ And oh my, I’m drooling! Spring has never been so exciting..

        Here’s what it looks like:  
        What it Contains:


        I hope I get my hands on it before it goes out of stock!!! RUN GIRLS!!