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J. Beauty Activity at Dolmen Mall Clifton

Attentionnnnn!J. Junaid Jamshed fragrances and Note Makeup by J. are having a super cool activity at Dolmen Mall Clifton!

Yesterday I was invited to come check out Note Makeup by J.’s amazing collection of Foundation, BB cream, Concealer, Blushes, Eyeshadows (2 types), Lipglosses (3 types), lipsticks, lipliner, crayons, eyeliners, mascara, YOU NAME IT!


I tried on the Pressed Face Powder, MatteMoist Lipglosses, Blush (which I ended up buying hehe), Terracotta powders (highlighters), and eyeshadows and truth be told EVERYTHING WAS STUNNING. However, my favorite products had to be the blushes and MatteMoist Lipglosses, the latter of which did not dry matte or feel like a gloss, but rather like a comfortable, opaque-finish ink that glided onto my lips like a dream!

The blush I bought was 05 Desert Rose (A rosy pink color which gives a super natural flush to the cheeks). 

They also have the entire range of J. Fragrances for Men and Women on display at the Kiosk so you can go test them and knock yourself out! (My favorite perfume had to be Uroosa!!!)

The Kiosks are setup at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi from 13/10/17 to 15/10/17 (you only have two more days including today) 

They are going to be at Dolmen Mall Tariq Road from 16/10/17 to 22/10/17 

Check Instagram and Snapchat for Swatches, First Impressions, and all that gooood stuff

Lots of Love,


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Bio-Oil Invites Bloggers Over for Hi-Tea!

Yet another event! Last weekend the distributors of Bio Oil in Pakistan invited me for some Chitchat and Hi-tea at Pranzo. 

Lovely PBS Bloggers

 Bio Oil is a special skincare oil that claims to help improve appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. Stretch marks can be either due to skin stretching during pregnancy, rapid weight loss/ gain, genetic tendency, or just hormonal changes. Scars can be caused by zits, burns, etc. The key ingredient in Bio Oil is Purcellin Oil.
Here’s what yours truly wore:  

 The first half of the event was spent participating in activities, one of which was about holding up a mood card associated with a word that the host announced.  


We went on to have a discussion about scars and everyone’s experiences with stretch-marks/scars, external and internal. The mic was passed around for an odd session of ‘why don’t you like scars?’ One thing I found quite strange was that we were not told about the product and how it exactly works. 

 After a lot of pictures and gossip, we were served scrumptious shrimps, chicken, sandwiches, mini burgers, wings, pizza and burgers followed by dessert. Everything was truly cause for a party in my mouth! 

 Below you can find details of the goodie basket we received at the end of the event. Shoutout to Jeebee from The Glam World for inviting me and making sure everything was spot on. 

Goodies! (sorry about the focus)

  • 2 60ml bottles of Boo Oil (giving one away to my lovely followers)
  • A scarf from Nishat Linen
  • An 8gb USB containing slides about stretch marks and scars

Bio Oil retails for 1200-2200 online at and in stores such as Aghas, Tesco and Naheed in Karachi. I will be doing a GIVEAWAY with one of the bottles of bio oil that I received along with some other yummy goodies for better skin and hair because I like to believe that you should only wear makeup if you are willing to splurge equally on skincare because if you don’t take care of your skin post makeup application, it won’t be as gorgeous.

I have started using Bio Oil for my stretch marks (yes I have quite a few) and am ecstatic to see results although I know that they will only fade, not completely vanish. I used it for 2 nights for my face and broke out (not sure if this was the reason) so I have halted my face usage to see the root cause behind my breakout.

Thanks so much for being an awesome follower and taking your time out to read this! You are beautiful. Stay tuned for the giveaway xoxo

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Love Zenia❤️🌟

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Wella Academy’s 2nd Birthday Celebration!

Hey lovelies! So last week I had the opportunity to celebrate Wella Academy’s Second Birthday with them! According to Wikipedia, Wella AG is a major German HairCare Company headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.Founded in 1880 by Franz Ströher, it specializes in hair care, styling and colorants sold to individuals as well as hairdressers and was controlled by Procter & Gamble from 2003 until it was sold to Coty Inc. along with other P&G brands. 

At the event I was introduced to a new tool that the Wella professionals use to check what a person’s personal hair needs are and to treat it accordingly.

After my hair was treated and blowdried to perfection, a PowerPoint presentation was displayed and we were given information about Wella’s haircare range and I learned that their range extends way beyond just hair dyes. 

By the end of it I got to take home a super heavy goodie bag which you can see below:  


1. Wella Blowdry Lotion

2. A hairbrush

3. A mirror

4. Wella SP Hair Mask

5. Wella SP Shampoo for a sensitive scalp

6. Wella Dynamic Fix crafting spray

I can testify to the claims made by Team Wella about their treatments because I got TONNES of compliments on my healthy shiny hair for days after getting it treated. 

My Hair’s End Result
 Wella Academy is situated in Tauheed Commercial, Karachi, Pakistan, incase you were wondering!!
Hope you enjoyed reading!

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A day at Naureen’s Health and Beauty Studio

23/9/16- A wonderful much-needed spa day by the lovely Naureen’s Salon crew. I’ve been studying for my SATs and Alevel exams so much lately, and the stress has really been getting to me. 

So i was invited to Naureen’s Health and Beauty Studio located in the midst of Khe-Muslim and Bukhari Commercial. Super easy to find, which isn’t usually the case with me when I’m invited to new places because A) I’m bad with navigation and B) the place is really located in someplace hard to find.

ANYWAY, so I got there and got to meet Naureen and the Salon Manager, both of which were super sweet and I was asked what service I’d like to try, so i ended up deciding to get the protein treatment for my hair, a blowdry, and a mani/pedi.

The salon from the inside was beautifully decorated with chandeliers, medieval mirrors and a separate ambiently lit area for hair washing which gave it an overall luxurious feel.  

After applying the protein to my hair (very relaxing because I was also given a massage that helped relieve the stress), I was taken upstairs to the mani pedi area which was well lit with sunlight pouring through the windows and cute sofa seats on the left and a yoga area on the right. OOOH. 

My manicure and pedicure went really well; the girls doing it were sweethearts and followed my instructions carefully. I got my fingernails filed round and toenails square. They did a phenomenal job! 

Pedi Underway!
Fingernails on Fleek!
However, the purple essie nail color that I initially wanted to paint my nails with had dried up which was a bummer but I did end up picking this beautiful mint green instead (also by essie).

After the Mani Pedi, my hair was washed and then blowdried straight (nothing fancy because I was in a hurry) and I LOVED IT! The protein treatment had made my hair SO smooth and silky and the blowdry made me look a thousand times better than when I had walked in with dry and damaged frizzy hair. 

Hair all blowdried and beautiful!
 For refreshments we were served healthy food and mint lemonade by a company who’s name I can not recall. It was divine! And I think it was a great idea considering everywhere you go you’re served unhealthy fried items and soft drinks. 

Overall it was a great experience. I will be revisiting and YOU SHOULD TOO! 

Thank you for the wonderful day Team Naureen’s❤️



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BioDerma Bloggers Meetup 

Hello again! Like always, I’d like to apologise to my lovely followers for being missing in action.

Last Saturday (20/8/16) I attended an amazing event organised by Bioderma. I’m sure a majority of you know what Bioderma is since their Micellar Water (Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution) is raved about throughout the makeup world, by people like Huda Kattan of HudaBeauty to people like Kathleen Lights and even Jaclyn Hill!

The event started a little later than planned because a majority of the clan arrived an hour late. I was so happy to see Maliha, Jadirah, Aiesha, Umaima, Farah, Bakhtawar, and Anum and meet some new people!

Blogger Squad!
 It started off with a presentation explaining how Bioderma Sensibio works and how it helps take your makeup off without tugging at your skin, spreading all the product around, burning your eyes, or giving you a hard time. They claim that it dissolves the product then and there instead of you having to make multiple windshield wiper motions back and forth in hopes of removing that pain-in-the-ass waterproof eyeliner or liquid lipstick. We actually tested it right there and then by putting random makeup from our bags on the back of our hands and trying to remove it. IT WORKED!

After the presentation, we took part in a twitter activity in which we had to answer basic questions about Bioderma. The winner was supposed to receive a gift but turned out that all of us got the same things as appreciation for our presence and of course to review on our blogs (which I will be sharing here shortly).

They also ran a cool little device all over our faces to tell us our skin types and what kind of products our skins need. 

 We then headed downstairs where a nice table of food awaited us. The food was SO GOOD, for a moment I felt like I was at a food event instead of a skincare one. Although this is irrelevant, the pizza was really really good. And so were the prawns. And the beef brushcetta. Ok ok zenia, calm down. 

Lets get to the fun part! The goodie bag details!

What it contains:

1x 250 ml bottle of BioDerma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution

1x 20 ml bottle of BioDerma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution (travel size)

1x 8ml tube of BioDerma Nourishing Cream (moisturiser for sensitive skin)

1x 15ml tube of BioDerma Sébium Pore Refiner (can be used under makeup to hide pores)

1x 2ml tube of BioDerma AquaFluid (tinted moisturiser with SPF yay) 

1x USB Keychain. I love it!!

 It was great experience overall and its always lovely meeting my existing blogger friends and ofcourse meeting new people and getting to know them! Thank you Bioderma Pakistan for having us 🙂

Hope you enjoyed reading!

For PR/Invites, is where you can reach out to me!

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Bloggers Meetup at Amethyst By Roohi

Hidden amidst trees and embassies, lies a gem of a place called Amethyst. This is a Spa which you can enter and forget about all your problems, relax and rejuvenate. Now why am I raving about the ambience? Have I even been there? Well yea, took me 1.5 hours to find the place but o well, it was worth it.
I was invited by the lovely people at Cosmo Group to attend a bloggers meet-up at Amethyst by Roohi. Since I had spent so much time looking for the place, I was late but was still entertained. As I entered, I walked through a small lawn and then into the Spa’s reception. The decor was beautiful. I was taken into the mani/pedi room and told to choose a color of OPI nail polish. I picked a dark red. Yikes. But it was gorgeous. While I was being pampered with a nail colour application, there was a small activity going on for which the prizes were OPI nail polish sets. Sadly, I didn’t win anything. But that’s alright, at least I got pretty nails with rhinestones on them. Yum.  

Ahem. We would like to interrupt this blogpost to share some pictures 😉

The New opi Starlight Collection is Breathtaking!
Cosmo Group girlies with Maliha and I!
#ManiMonday 😉
After the nail colour application, I was taken to a desk on which there lay a vast variety of rhinestones and pearls (artificial obviously) by OPI for nail art.

After we were all done with nails, we had a small hair consultation and of course a cute little light throwing device went into the depths of my hair strands with its magic powers and showed that I have dull, dry and damaged hair (I’ve started conditioning my hair again don’t worry).

As usual, we were given goodie bags with yummy skincare products and then bid farewell to all the ladies present. Good day indeed. 

*Since I googled the face moisturizer and found out that it is a discontinued product, Cosmo group was nice enough to send us all a replacement product. This is what i received just day before yesterday: 


Hope you enjoyed reading!!!

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