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Trusted+ Blacklisted Facebook Pages/ Websites to Order Makeup From in Pakistan.

Hi there! So I always have so so SOOOO many people asking me where I order my makeup from online, so I decided to make a list showing you guys pages and websites that I trust and have had a good experience with or have heard very good things about and have AUTHENTIC makeup. Its hard to find a place where you can order makeup and be sure that what you’re buying is original. So get ordering!


  1. Sister Act Online
  2. Indelath
  3. Semora
  4. Infinity
  5. Beauty Enhancers
  6. Cosmetic Candy
  7. USA Branded Cosmetics
  8. International Makeup in Pakistan
  9. House of Brands
  10. Amor
  11. Mac Addict
  12. La Viva Glam
  13. Sadaf Bano Collections


  1. Just4Girls (use discount code J4GPNP5 at checkout)


These are pages you need to steer clear of, speaking of personal experience or experiences of people I know. Beware!

  1. Brands Arena
  2. Zainab and Zahraas (selling abh knockoffs and claiming they’re original)

    Ayesha Ziya Fragrances come to Karachi!

    Hey guys! So recently I had the opportunity to have hi-tea with some amazing people! Me and a couple of beauty bloggers were invited to have hi-tea with Ayesha Ziya of Ayesha Ziya Fragrances on the occasion of her luxury fragrances launching here in Karachi. This wasn’t a launch event, it was sort of like a testing-introduction sort of thing. 

    Bloggers Re-Unite!
    So the event started off with Erum Masood and Ayesha Ziya herself telling us about the brand and how the idea came about, how oud is made, how to tell the difference between a synthetic fragrance and one made with real ingredients.  

    Ayesha Talking About The Brand
    Actual Fragrance Bottles (sorry about the picture quality)
    The fragrances are not only oud based, there are five in the collection namely The Oud, Royal Mirage, Islah, Irum (my favorite) and Signature Oud.

    Ayesha has travelled all the way from the UK where her fragrances originated to launch here for us! 
    She is such a beautiful person inside out! 

    Ayesha Ziya and I
      We all introduced ourselves and then were served refreshments.

    Ayesha’s fragrances were also a part of the Huda Beauty Doha Masterclass Goodie Bag and have been featured in magazines like Vogue. One of Huda’s favorite perfumes is Oud by Ayesha Ziya.

    I was lucky enough to bring home a gift box with samples of all five fragrances and I have to say I AM IN LOVE! Irum is by far my favorite one in the collection and has been named after Ayesha’s niece. 

    Gift Box Front
    Gift Box Reverse
    Perfume Samples
    The fragrances are expected to launch in Pakistan in the first week of Ramadan this year (super near) and will be priced starting from 5500-6000 pkr. Locations for the stocking have not been disclosed as yet, but I will let you guys know whenever I get to know.

    For more details about the brand you can go to their website by clicking HERE.

    Love you guys! 

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    Sephora does it again!

    Sephora has launched a new favourites box which is an absolute amazing value for money! It’s called the ‘Sephora Favorites Paint it Pink’ And oh my, I’m drooling! Spring has never been so exciting..

    Here’s what it looks like:  
    What it Contains:


    I hope I get my hands on it before it goes out of stock!!! RUN GIRLS!!