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DIY Distressed Denim Jeans!

Hey guys! Have you ever been surfing the forever21/next/h&m etc website and come across an awesome pair of distressed jeans but your mom wouldn’t let you buy them because they were either out of your budget or too revealing?
Yup. Most of us have been there. Which is why I thought of doing this awesome DIY project. The pair of jeans I used for the pictorial was a practice pair (I’m giving it to my bestfriend) and after I was happy with the results, I went on to make my very own pair. Yaass. LETS BEGIN!

 – A pair of denim jeans 

– A pair of scissors OR a paper cutter blade

– Sandpaper (My house is being painted so I got some from the workers outside)

– Tweezers (optional)

– An eyeliner or a pen to mark the areas you want to cut


1. Put the jeans on and mark all the areas you’d like to distress. I wanted mine to be at the knees and Pakistan appropriate hahaha so i made two lines on each leg, one above and one below my knee so I stay between the two. 
2. Take the jeans off and get to work! Take a pair of super sharp scissors, fold your jeans as to be able to make cuts horizontally. If you’re using a blade, make the cuts by placing a hard book or cardboard inside your jeans to make sure you don’t cut the back of your jeans (unless you want to). 
3. Make cuts about half an inch apart between your two boundary lines you drew and cut earlier. They can be however big or small you like. 

4. Take the sandpaper and rub it over the area nicely up/down and sideways to make the white threads pop out and to distress the fabric. You can use tweezers and pull the blue vertical threads out to make only the white strings show.

5. Make cuts anywhere else you’d like to in the same way. I had to make my jeans a little modest so i could wear them here in Karachi so i just distressed the knees and put two small cuts on one back pocket. 

6. Throw them in the wash and dry them to bring their true look out! 


Jeans: unknown

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Voil! Your customized, FREE jeans are ready! Enjoy. If you try this, please tag Peplums and Petunias on instagram so I can see your creations!❤️
Here’s the pair I made for myself in the same way (Jeans are from Next)



Lots of love,