DIY: Cinnamon and Honey Face Exfoliator 

Hello beauties!💕 I’m back again! 

I felt that I’ve been talking about makeup too much and so much makeup experimentation is damaging my skin. I thought, why not take a break and try something yummy and fun for our faces and that will take all the dead skin off, leaving smooth, silky, and CLEAN skin behind?!

I decided to make an exfoliator for the face using my favorite ingredients, cinnamon and honey. I have lots of cosmetic induced acne but the irony is that I love makeup and can’t resist putting it on my face even though I know my skin hates it. Oh well. 

So let’s start


  1. About two teaspoons of ground cinnamon, not completely powdered.  
  2. About a tablespoon of pure  honey.        
  3. Half a teaspoon of baking powder.
  4. Three drops of olive oil     


Combine all the ingredients together into a smooth paste. You can add some lemon juice to this as well, if you want.   

Wet your face with warm water and massage the mixture on in circular motions, keep it away from your eyes and of ofcourse, keep it from going inside your mouth because it smells AH MAZING and you will want to eat it. I did because i love the smell of cinnamon😍. Maybe thats the beauty of homemade face stuff, you know exactly what’s in it! 

on my face🙈

Wash off the mixture with lukewarm water and dry you skin with a towel gently (your skin may burn if you rub it vigorously as it will be sensitive after the dead skin comes off). Apply a moisturiser like olive oil and enjoy silky, soft and clean skin with a beautiful glow!    


Don’t do this everyday, once or twice a week max. I have a horrible case of pigmentation around my lips and my forehead is really badly tanned which doesn’t match the rest of my face and this makes it fade a bit! Bubye sunburn and dirt!
So get your lazy bum up and go to the kitchen and give your skin the love and care it deserves!

DISCLAIMER: Cinnamon is a hot ingredient which may burn sensitive skin so I recommend doing a patch test on your wrist or on a small spot near your chin to see whether it suits you or not. Also please watch the quantity! 

Hope you guys enjoyed reading! Lipstick post next for sure xo

Love, Zenia💞

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6am Thoughts

Hi guys, I’m sorry I hardly write. I never know what to write!!

Lots of you may find this post uninteresting, and that doesn’t really matter, but I was just thinking about stuff and it makes me so upset to see so many people dying of the heat.. So many people who don’t even have ACs or even fans, so many people with no electricity. Its like a life has no value in this country.

I mean like, who knew it would come to this? My mom tells me that Ramadan came on these dates when she was 10 years old and was in hostel I think. She told me they’d pour water on their beds and would lie down on them to get cold air😜 

 Like I wrote in my facebook post, I think that people shouldn’t do this to themselves. They should keep a cold water bottle with them even if they’re fasting to save themselves from severe dehydration and if you can’t take it anymore just break your fast . You’ve been patient, im sure Allah will forgive you.
Ps I’d love to volunteer somewhere! Thank you for bearing with me. Hope you have a wonderful roza!😁

Love, Zenia!🎀
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