Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks

Hoiii, back at my odd timings🙈 Its 3:37 am and almost time for sehri and I was so bored this whole time so i colored my wrists ofcourse😋 And with lipstick, cuz duh. Lets take a look at what I'm talking about today!        These are the famous lipsticks by Makeup Revolution muahahahaha and they're… Continue reading Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks

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Iftaar Outfit Of The Day

Hii guys🙈 I just got home and I really wanted to do this because I've seen people do these and I love seeing how people dress up! I hate dressing up in this heat ugh this was the first time I went out since Ramadan started. Class reunion!💖  Check it ouuuuttt               … Continue reading Iftaar Outfit Of The Day


The NYX Natural Shadow Palette Review and Look!🍂

Hi guys! Been a few days since I've posted here☺️ Just never know what to post😊 Ramadan Mubarak! Hope everyone had a great fast today. Oh and it is SO hot here in K-town, ugh. Anyway, today I thought of reviewing this gorgeous palette by nyx cosmetics that I got from Just4girls about a month ago.  Here's… Continue reading The NYX Natural Shadow Palette Review and Look!🍂