Makeup Revolution Amazing Lipsticks

Hoiii, back at my odd timings🙈

Its 3:37 am and almost time for sehri and I was so bored this whole time so i colored my wrists ofcourse😋 And with lipstick, cuz duh.

Lets take a look at what I’m talking about today!

   These are the famous lipsticks by Makeup Revolution muahahahaha and they’re so cheap, who wouldn’t buy them to experiment🙈

They only cost like a pound. Like, why not. I have a HUGE MUR order coming by the way yay. just4girls is the best!

So anyway, I love the colors these are available in. They have blue too, I want blue😔 but where would I wear blue lipstick hmm I’m such a makeup hoarder 😜

Look at the pretty colors i have!



   A gorgeous must have color, doesn’t really show up because its NUDE duh, has a pretty matte finish so i lie blending this with other colors. The packaging really sucks honestly, the lid always falls off in my makeup bag and the bullet melted out with some of the others when I left it in the car.  




  This is my favorite peachy coral kinda color. Its SO pretty and pigmented and creamy. Thank God there’s no shimmer in any of the lipsticks I got, I don’t like shimmery lipstick at all. This subtle color is nice for fair complexions and also if you’re not in the mood to wear something too bright, this is just the right shade of lippy.



Lady is a very bright red with an orange-y undertone. This kind of shade flatters lighter skin tones and makes you look fresh. I always wanted a red like this, got it! The bullet also melted from the base in this one 😔 




 A deep, bold red that screams WINTER TIME! I get alot of compliments on this one, its so unique and well, such a pretty shade of red. I used to think this was a dupe for the Mac Rebel, but thats before I saw Rebel With Cause😉  


Rebel With Cause🍇


As the name suggests, this is a dupe for the mac best seller, Rebel. I was gonna name my blog Rebel with Cause, I love the word Rebel, its so like urrrrghh. Ja feel? Such a pretty dark color, never worn this out though. I feel like brighter colors look better on my lips. But its a gorgeous shade, nonetheless.  



These lipsticks have great pigmentation, also a decent staying power. They glide on smoothly. However, they do bleed off the edges of your lips if you don’t blot the excess and reapply and all that stuff which sucks, but what do you expect for the price you’re paying. These are worth trying, especially nice for experimenting and beginners. I like the nice scent though hehe. I hope the MUR people work a bit on the insecure lid though, nobody likes a colorful bag from the inside 😉 DO NOT TRAVEL WITH THESE.

I love how you can see the color of the lipstick on the lid❤️

Guys, the world has gone crazy over MUR and so have I! Will be reviewing lots of stuff from their line once my huge order comes InshaAllah!

Hope you enjoyed reading this! 

Love, Zenia🍉

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Iftaar Outfit Of The Day

Hii guys🙈 I just got home and I really wanted to do this because I’ve seen people do these and I love seeing how people dress up! I hate dressing up in this heat ugh this was the first time I went out since Ramadan started. Class reunion!💖 

Check it ouuuuttt




  • Kurti – Khaadi
  • Leggings – E-vie
  • Shoes – American Eagle
  • Ring – Love in a basket
  • Bag – Aeropostale
  • Dupatta – The kapra market and the dye wala 😉




  • Maybelline Fit Me Foundation – buff beige 130
  • Maybelline Volum’ Express Rocket mascara
  • TBS bronzer – Chestnut
  • Maybelline color sensational lipstick – Vivid Rose

Well that’s about it, hope you guys enjoyed this post! Hopefully I’ll have time to take better pictures next time. And OH, iftaar invites are welcome. Icecream and pani puri should be on the menu🙈 

Please comment if there’s something you’d like me to blog about!

Love, Zenia💥 
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    Wet n’ Wild Lipstick- Cherry Picking

    Hello again lovelies👩

    I KNOW!! I post stuff at the randomest times but ugh its so hot in the daytime and I don’t feel like doing anything but play subway surfers and haye I’m getting better at it (and also more addicted) day by day. Whats your Subway Surfers highscore?!? 

    Anyways, let’s take a look at the kaam ki cheez, the wet n’ wild matte lipstick that I am absolutely in love with😻 

    Heres what it’s supposed to look like

    And here is what mine looks like😂 



    Now, you can already see my lipstick is in a horrible condition because I left my makeup bag in the car and it melted HAHAHAHAHAHA can’t bring that back to normal i guess😖 because the lipstick bullet protudes out of its shell even in its normal condition (which means you get lots on the cap while opening/closing it) and OH MY GOD the cap once opened in my bag and my bag is all nice and pink from the inside😡 so I’d rate the packaging about a 5 out of 10. Its pretty, but its very flimsy and well, not travel friendly at all.

    Heres a swatch 

        Look at that gorgeous matte color on my wrist😍

    And here’s a picture before the lipstick got destroyed:  

    This is honestly my favorite lipstick, just wish it had better packaging. But whatevs, its okay for only around 450 pkr and ofc i got it when it was on sale at!

    This shade is like a nice magenta, very bold and stays on for a very long time, also after you eat. Even if it does wear off, it leaves a pretty pink tint which i love

    The lipstick has a nice consistency, glides over the lips smoothly and I don’t even need lipliner for it🎀

     Excuse my pigmentation😜

    The Pros:

    • Glides on smoothly
    • Not very drying
    • Awesome pigmentation
    • Longlasting
    • Very affordable 

    The Cons:

    • Flimsy packaging

    You can get this from here in pakistan.

    Hope you enjoyed reading! 

     Love, Zenia💋
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    6am Thoughts

    Hi guys, I’m sorry I hardly write. I never know what to write!!

    Lots of you may find this post uninteresting, and that doesn’t really matter, but I was just thinking about stuff and it makes me so upset to see so many people dying of the heat.. So many people who don’t even have ACs or even fans, so many people with no electricity. Its like a life has no value in this country.

    I mean like, who knew it would come to this? My mom tells me that Ramadan came on these dates when she was 10 years old and was in hostel I think. She told me they’d pour water on their beds and would lie down on them to get cold air😜 

     Like I wrote in my facebook post, I think that people shouldn’t do this to themselves. They should keep a cold water bottle with them even if they’re fasting to save themselves from severe dehydration and if you can’t take it anymore just break your fast . You’ve been patient, im sure Allah will forgive you.
    Ps I’d love to volunteer somewhere! Thank you for bearing with me. Hope you have a wonderful roza!😁

    Love, Zenia!🎀
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    MUA eyeshadow shade 16

    Hellloooo lovelies! I know it almost iftaar time and all our tummies are grumbling and throats are dry but I just wanted to write a few things to pass some time😋 and ofcourse entertain you! It is SO SO hot today, the temperature here in Karachi is 44 degrees, damn. The AC won’t even cool properly😥 

    I won’t lie, I got this pretty little individual eyeshadow as a gift from Just4girls two days ago, with my big makeup order.. Last time they sent me a free gift it was some random golden eye pencil that was so dry that it scratched my hand when i tried swatching it🙈 no jokes okayyy..

    Here’s what this cutie looks like: 


    And here’s how it is on my finger:  

    As you can see above, the first impression I got was shit this is chalky and it is! I was ecstatic to see the eye catching little packaging though. Its a regular plastic case with two grams of product in it that retails for around £1 I believe, and it is not available on the just4girls website. They’re always out of MUA products which is a total bummer.

     Anyhow, the shadow works as a nice base color or as a pink-ish highlight. It’s matte😍 and hides the discolouration on my eyelids which is a total win-win for me!!! It requires a few swipes to actually show up on my eyelid though, and i especially don’t advise using it without a primer or a base to hold the pigment down. Its a nice eyeshadow for wearing everyday, ya know, even though I don’t remember the last time i left the house with eyeshadow on😁

     The Pros:

    • Perfect neutral kinda shade
    • Pigmented
    • Very affordable
    • Cute packaging

    The Cons:

    • Really Chalky
    • Needs a few swipes to show up on the skin

    Do I recommend this?
    Yes, for daytime and as a base

      Here’s a look I created with this:   



      Products Used:

      1. MUA eyeshadow- shade 16
      2. Makeup Revolution concealer-light
      3. Kryolan TV paint stick FS45 (also as concealer)
      4. ELF liquid eyeliner- black
      5. Spotlight by profusion eyeshadow (the white as a highlight on my brow bone and the inner corner of my eye)
      6. Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express mascara.  Products Used

      Hope you guys liked this!

      Love, Zenia🌀
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      The NYX Natural Shadow Palette Review and Look!🍂

      Hi guys! Been a few days since I’ve posted here☺️ Just never know what to post😊

      Ramadan Mubarak! Hope everyone had a great fast today. Oh and it is SO hot here in K-town, ugh.

      Anyway, today I thought of reviewing this gorgeous palette by nyx cosmetics that I got from Just4girls about a month ago. 

      Here’s what it looks like:    


      This palette has six neutral colored eyeshadows, almost matte (maybe just a hint of sparkles) but nevertheless, love love love the colors! I’m not a fan of shimmery eyeshadow unless its golden or silver just by the way🙈

      Lets take a look at some swatches! 

       On my arm in sunlight w/out flash 

      On my arm with flash  

      On my fingers (sorry for the cam quality)

      The eyeshadows, in my opinion have a nice color payoff but are really chalky. The lighter shades are kind of sheer and require more than one layer to actually make the color show, especially the first white-ish one. However, the darkest brown is a great, opaque color and comes on perfectly with one swipe. The shimmery white shade (second from the right) serves as a really nice highlighter and has quite alot of shimmer in it. The third from the right is a peachy shade that can be used as a base and a blending shade. 

      The pros:

      • Gorgeous shades for the perfect daytime look
      • The brown one has a great color payoff
      • Pretty packaging
      • Pigmented
      • Great price and size

      The Cons:

      • Lighter shades are kinda sheer

      Here’s a look my sister created on me with this palette!


      Products Used:

      1. Nyx cosmetics natural shadow palette.
      2. Nyx cosmetics Above and Beyond full coverage concealer jar- light.
      3. Kryolan Aqua Color 071 (as eyeliner).
      4. Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express Mascara- Black Noir.


        Products used

      HOPE YOU GUYS LIKED IT💖 Please comment and let me know if you enjoyed reading this blogpost! Also, let me know if there’s something you’d like me to blog about, doesnt necessarily have to be makeup..

      Love, Zenia🌸
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      BH cosmetics 10 pc sculpt and blend brush set review

      Hi guys! This is my first time blogging so please feel free to leave advice or suggestions for me down below! 

      I had absolutely no idea what to write as my first blogpost but since I’m a crazy makeup fan I decided to choose my most recent purchase to review. The BH cosmetics 10 pc Sculpt and Blend brush set!💖
        As you can see, the larger brushes have a smaller version of them right next to them, which is what I love about this set

      These brushes are actually pretty cheap price wise. It sucks that BH doesn’t ship to Pakistan. I got them through a girl who was selling them. 

         Now, coming to the brushes. The set consists of a large flat blending brush, a large flat angled blending brush, a contour brush, and a large powder kinda brush (that i use for blush and face powder) and ofcourse five matching smaller versions of all brushes.

      The brushes come in a nice little plastic case, nicely individually packed in plastic wrappers. The bristles are quite nicely packed, and even after washing them twice not even one of them shed. They aren’t as dense as a mac or sigma brush obviously, but for the price you pay, these are great! I use the flat stippling brushes for liquid foundation and they actually deliver a great airbrushed finish like theyre supposed to! The brush handles themselves are nice to hold and are not cheap looking or flimsy. 

      The pros:

      • Seamlessly blend everything
      • Awesome price
      • Not cheap looking or feeling
      • Can be washed without the fear of their bristles shedding

      The cons: 

      • Have a weird smell before the first  wash (it goes away later)
      • MIGHT start to shed after a few frequent washes (haven’t experienced this as yet but who knows) 

      You can purchase these from here

        Do I recommend these? 

        ABSOLUTELY!! SO worth it. 

        Love, Zenia ❤️
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