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Depotting my lipsticks!

You guys!!! I was so bored today that I decided to pick up my psychology study and well, read. But uh, then I heard the Vaseline lying next to my lipstick basket and my mom’s empty acrylic nails container call my name! This called for a plan. Yep, tinted lip balm.

So I picked up my Makeup Revolution lipstick (its the cheapest one I own, so i wouldn’t cringe if my experiment went wrong) in the shade Rebel with Cause, the little pot of Vaseline and this empty Container, perfect for storing lip product, AND I HEADED TO MY LABORATORY. Uh, the kitchen.. Hahaha. 


So basically I attempted to melt some vaseline in the microwave with a little shaving of my lipstick but meh, it wouldn’t budge. So i decided to turn to the stove! Grabbed a table spoon and knife!  

 So i started by melting the same vaseline on the spoon by holding it over the flame and with it was the MUR lipstick shaving I mention mentioned earlier. So as they melted, they started to mix and I assissted the process with a toothpick. SUCCESS!  

I poured the mixture into one of the tubs and it looked beautiful. But seeing all those empty tubs made me a little sad. So ofcourse I reached out to two of my MUR lipsticks (Lady and Luscious) and my Jordana lipstick in Raspberry, since these were the safest options I had to experiment, although I love all three. So I repeated the process, except it took a little longer for lipsticks because they’d stick to the spoon and would have to be properly scooped. To get rid of the lippy stuck on the spoon without wasting it, I scooped some Vaseline (made a tinted balm and easily lifted the lipstick from the spoon) and depoted this too. 

Lastly I reached for my Wet n Wild megalast lippie in Cherry picking, which i am absolutely obsessed with. Its a gorgeous pink, also on my blog (scroll a little guys💕). This one is a matte lipstick so it has a heavier consistency. It stuck to the spoon more than the others and started to bubble. There were teensy weensy air bubbles but I managed to depot it. Used up the rest that was stuck to the container by melting it with Vaseline (tinted balm Voila!) as well. 

Im pretty satisfied with the results, and this this is a great idea for people who want to save space or have clients to work on, so they can use a lipbrush easily. I’ve seen people do this to their MAC lipsticks too. Would I? No. Never, sorry. Hahahaha. 

I know where I went wrong but I’m actually super happy with my little lipstick plus lipbalm palette. 

Here’s what it looks like hehe 

Just a few tips/ things to be careful about:

  • Try not to fit the whole lipstick bullet on the spoon in one go. When liquid, it expands and will overflow. Little by little, patiently.
  • Pour into tubs carefully, trying not to overflow or letting it spill into a neighbour tub.
  • The spoon is super hot, don’t touch it!!!
  • Keep the spoon a little above the heat and keep stirring with a toothpick so it doesn’t burn.
  • Keep your eyes on your lipstick/ Vaseline the whole time.
  • When you dilute the leftover lipstick using Vaseline to take it off the spoon, do not pour it in the lipstick container, as the lipstick will probably have solidified by then and it will form a new lipbalm layer on top which you can’t mix, so your lippy is hidden under there! I made that mistake. 😦
  • Have an adult supervise you and please DONT BURN YOUR PRETTY FINGERS.
  • Make sure your container has a lid.
  • Be patient.

Well thats about it lovies, hope you enjoyed reading and will enjoy trying this out yourself! Be superduper careful though, please. 

Let me know what you think of this idea in the comments!

Love Zenia ❤

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